Mindfulness to develop emotional intelligence

Mindfulness to develop emotional intelligence

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What you’ll learn:
  • To develop and strengthen the different skills of emotional intelligence
  • To increase the ability to focus and concentrate to facilitate creativity and learning
  • To observe your mind and identify thought patterns and emotional states
  • To be more present in your activities and in your different relationships
  • To get out of autopilot by pausing to notice your thoughts and emotions throughout the day
  • To strengthen interpersonal relationships through cultivating empathy
  • To reduce stress, anxiety and depression
  • To practice conscious breathing as a fundamental tool to regulate your emotional states

I teach you effective and simple tools to apply in your daily routine, investing only between 5 to 15 minutes a day, your emotions will no longer be an obstacle in achieving your goals, nor will you feel guilty or ashamed of your emotional impulses and reactions. .

You can also enjoy empathic, satisfying relationships without so many frictions. Being able to assertively and consciously solve the differences with your loved ones, colleagues, clients and collaborators is possible.

Even if you don’t have experience in mindfulness practice and meditation, even if you feel that managing your emotions is difficult to achieve. Before you know it, you’ll be responding with more emotional intelligence.

The course includes everything you need to know to know, understand and manage your emotions with Mindfulness practices.

  • In total there are 8 modules to delve into the concept and practices of Mindfulness, with different and simple tools to strengthen your emotional intelligence.
  • With 46 lessons   with the best practices (meditations, mindfulness pills, articles and self-reflections) to learn the skills that will allow you to navigate smoothly in the emotional world.

You will have unlimited access for life to the videos where I explain the theoretical concepts, the practices, the meditations, files with illustrations (PDFs), tests to measure your level of consciousness and emotional intelligence and the workbook (virtual notebook) designed for each section that serves as a complement, seeking to guarantee learning and self-knowledge.

Module 1

In this module I will explain the methodology of the course, its content, the learning, benefits that you will obtain and the commitments that you must acquire to achieve it. You will also have as a first step, the test that allows you to measure your level of consciousness and that will make you realize the automatism with which you do or do not perform certain activities.

Module 2

In this module you will learn all about Mindfulness. What it is, its pillars and the benefits of its practice. You will also begin to do the first mindfulness exercises, with which you will realize the large number of thoughts that arise constantly and you will identify some of your automatisms. With this, you begin the journey inward through self-inquiry.

Module 3

I have created this module as complete as possible, looking for you to have everything very clear in relation to this topic, since I consider it to be the basis for your training and to achieve, once you practice it, live in full consciousness (Mindful). You will understand the concept of meditation, its different techniques, the correct postures and its mudras, as well as new exercises that will allow you to continue deepening your practice.

That you can understand the importance of observing your thoughts is essential to transform your life. In this module I explain in detail what thoughts, mental filters and limiting beliefs are. Finally, you will have other practices that will allow you to develop the ability to disidentify from your thoughts.

Module 5

That you can develop the ability to channel your emotions and therefore learn to regulate yourself, is key to developing your emotional intelligence. In this module, you will learn practices that will help you create the strategy to properly manage those emotions that sometimes overwhelm you.

Module 6

By this time you will already have enough elements and knowledge that will allow you to be more aware of how your thoughts are related to your emotions and starting from there, you live the same reality that is repeated over and over again. The new practices are aimed at learning to be in the presence of difficult emotions.

Module 7

Discover why the quotient or IQ has been shown to be insufficient today to achieve success in life. In this module you will learn the concepts of the different theories of intelligence and you will delve especially in relation to emotional intelligence. You will also have a test that allows you to measure your level of emotional intelligence.

Module 8

In this module you will find all the information you need to create your practice routine. By doing so, you will be able to live each day in a more conscious and present way, thus guaranteeing the strengthening of the different skills that impact emotional intelligence.

Who this course is for:
  • Professionals who want to develop the ability to know, understand and manage their emotions that allows them to climb their professional career
  • Entrepreneurs who are looking for tools to reduce impulsivity, build resilience and cultivate empathy
  • People who want to improve their social skills to improve their family, work and couple relationships
  • Professionals and entrepreneurs who are looking to be more efficient and productive in their activities
  • People who are in search of well-being and emotional balance

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