Understanding Agile | Complete guide for beginners

Understanding Agile | Complete guide for beginners

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What you’ll learn:
  • Understand what Agile is and what are Agile principles and values
  • Explain the difference and the similarities between Agile and Lean
  • Describe the key Agile frameworks, tools and roles
  • Conduct customer and build customer persona and customer journey
  • Describe how Agile principles and values apply to different product types
  • Engage the customer in the product development process
  • Apply Scrum and Kanban frameworks
  • Understand the key traits of scaled Agile frameworks
  • Write user stories and build a product backlog
  • Estimate using story points and measure team velocity
  • Understand the key differences between backlog management tools (Jira, Trello, Monday, )
  • Explain how Agile is applied in big organizations
  • Define the specifics of Agile roles (Product Owner, , Agile Coach etc)
  • Describe the role of leadership in Agile organizations
  • Bust myths and misconceptions about Agile

Agile is not just a buzzword. It is a new approach to product development, project management and structuring organizations that is adopted by more and more companies across the globe. Average salaries for common Agile roles range between $133,000 (Product Owner) and $183,000 (Enterprise Agile Coach)* in the US.

Agile principles and values help teams around the world to be more efficient, more productive, deliver customer and business value and feel great as a team. Long gone are times when Agile was “something from software development” – nowadays it’s everywhere! Companies in banking, retail, telecommunications, pharma and many other sectors are shifting to Agile.

If you want to open a new page in your career, adapt to Agile transformation your employer is undergoing, or impress the interviewer in your dream company, but words like “user stories”, “Scrum”, “story points”, “user persona” and “backlog” make you feel uncomfortable, this course is for you!

After taking this course, you will build a very solid foundation of Agile knowledge which would allow you to feel comfortable in any Agile organization. Starting from the very basic , you will gradually expand your knowledge and learn about Agile frameworks, product development and customer research techniques, processes and tools. You will also understand in depth how Agile organizations function, and what are the roles unique to Agile companies.

Here’s something you need to know.

Agile is a set of values, principles and mindsets which are brought to life through a number of frameworks, tools and processes. Agile is not a framework or tool on its own – consider it a , or a paradigm if you want. Once you are familiar with the foundation – with Agile, everything built on top of it starts making a lot of sense and becomes intuitive.

Please make sure to a deep understanding of Agile before you jump into learning different frameworks and tools.


Agile is all about adaptability and responding to change, so each company has their own version of Agile (and that’s okay). Learning one framework will not cut it. Understanding Agile principles and values on the other hand will enable you to easily get any kind of framework right away.

Don’t wait a minute – sign up for the course and let’s dive into the world of Agile together!

*as of 2022

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who is curious about Agile and wants to understand its key concepts
  • People working at companies undergoing Agile transformation – to learn how to navigate the new environment
  • People staring a new job in an Agile company or interviewing for a position where Agile is a requirement
  • Students and entry-level employees looking for ways to boost their resumes
  • Managers and business owners looking for ways to business performance
  • People looking for a career of a Product Owner, Scrum Master or Agile Coach and not knowing where to start

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