“Be Solution Charismatic!!” – Problem Solving Charisma

"Be Solution Charismatic!!" - Problem Solving Charisma

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What you’ll learn
What are Problems? Put them in correct Perspective.
Realize “Your are bigger then your problems”
What is the Corporate way of Solving Problem?
The Easy Breezy way to solve problem.
Get your “Own Problem Solving Strategy”
How to Ask correct questions to stay resourceful and focused.

What you will learn from this course?
• What Problems actually are? What they are not?
• Managing your States when you face a Problem.
• Know its Positive Intention?
• Learn to Re-frame the situation for Problem Solving.
• Change the Point of view, look it from a friend’s or your Idol’s Point of View.
• NLP Visualizations included with needful parameters [Do not skip]
• Your Personal “Problem Solving Equation”
This course is written and presented by a Medical Doctor – Physical Therapist with more than 20 years of experience in the field & training, coaching and counselling.
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I will be guiding you through the basic thought process about Problem Solving that Charismatic people possess and develop.
You will be able to empower yourself by developing and understanding these basics of Problem Solving in various contexts, discover and realise the presence of problems in your Life and What are the positive intentions of problems in your life.
Everything else, that is external, can make you attractive and appealing but not contagious and Charismatic without these internal pearls.
Use this information to,
– Master your View Points on Problems.
– Become a positive and effective Problem Solver.
– Equip you with solutions for all quadrants of life.
– Use of Powerful NLP techniques at your disposal.
– Stay positive and Confident when confronted with a problem.

“Living a life rather than just existing”
Who this course is for:
  • People with overwhelming feelings about unending problems.
  • Desperately searching for solutions and feelingHelpless.
  • People willing to get Master Problem Solvers in Personal and Professional Life
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