Transitioning from Manager to Leader

Transitioning from Manager to Leader

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What you'll learn:
  • How to transition from a manager to becoming a leader
  • How to cope with the most common leadership fallacies (to whom you serve, importance of community, aristocracy and efficiency, alienation, and many others)
  • How to be well informed regarding what's going on, to find prime ideas, framing realities for others, learning how to stay in control, etc.
  • How to energize, individuals, create teams, cope with different leadership styles, handle external affairs, etc.
  • How to become an exemplary leader by modeling the way within and outside your Unit or a Company
  • How to work on yourself – framing realities, scheduling, finding a voice and crafting your own leadership philosophy, earn trust and credibility

Hello my dear manager,

May I ask you how do you cope with the current challenges? Like:

– Post-pandemic New reality,

– Big Resignation and initiatives coming from employees regarding more and more flexibility,

– Raising global inflation and other chaotic issues we currently live in?

Yeah, don't ask me, hmm?

And, have you may be noticed that employees are more often starting either to turn to the supervisors asking for direction and support, or, they just completely “close up” if there is no first well-established deep connection and trust?

And then – some smart guy will come to you and say: “People don't leave bad companies, they leave bad managers”.

Honestly, the bar has raised to another level for all of us.

– Employees are requiring more and more information,

– They would like to participate in decision making and being empowered,

– They demand coaching and to be enrolled instead to be told what to do,

– And many other aspects that exceed pure managerial relationship – they demand leadership more than ever!

To answer that challenge, we believe you should explore more about:

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To answer that challenge, we believe you should explore more about:

– How to pursue the way in this ambiguity;

– Model the way for others;

– Deeply connect to your tribe by sharing the common values, and dreams,

– Learn how to empower and enroll them and similar – simply, learn how to give them what they really want – at the end of the day – it's just a skill like any other;

That's why, we are going to share with you our own thoughts how to do that – after all, I have spent 15 years dealing with all sort of managers and leaders, from an autocratic style to more (let's say) sophisticated one, while also being a manager by myself for a while. Good one? I really hope so, but for sure I made all sorts of mistakes on my path of learning and practicing leadership.

If you are interested to explore more about this topic of transitioning from manager to leader, just watch few open videos and see if this resonates with you. We are going to help you with self- , how to navigate information, people and action realms, and help you to overcome the most common leadership fallacies. And, that's not the end – first and foremost, leadership is a daily practice of influencing people, mostly one person at a time – that's why we have created a lot of tasks for you, a sort of a Leadership Work-Out – some interesting reads, video clips to watch, challenges to interact with your own people, perform some tests, and similar.

Who this course is for:
  • Young looking to prosper, while keeping their own integrity

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