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The Online Training Project

The Online Training Project

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Course Details –:

Published by:Karen Cherry

What you’ll learn -:

  • How to get your company’s training material online, FAST
  • How to create a secure, online, on-demand training experience from your home, without using a video camera
  • using my efficient, repeatable 7-step method

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Pyjamas + cup-of-tea + laptop = done
You can get your company’s old training material online, fast. And it will change your working life.
If you have training material in Microsoft Powerpoint or word document format, then digitising it and getting it online can save you from endless face-to-face training sessions.  And help you avoid the frustrations of video-call training.  You don’t need expensive video production companies and IT specialists to get it done. You can do it yourself.
Inside The Online Training Project you will find:
  • A complete set of video lessons to take you through my proven 7-Step Method for getting your existing training material online, fast.
  • A comprehensive guide to choosing equipment and software for recording and hosting your videos.
  • A 50-plus page workbook with scheduling, outlining and checking tools included, so you can make the best use of your time and resources.
  • A straightforward, moment-by-moment breakdown of how to get your first training module published in record time – imagine the feeling of finally seeing your material online and knowing you can deliver training literally while you sleep!
  • A printable version of the 7-Step roadmap to download and pin to your wall, so you can stay on track.
  • A bonus masterclass specifically designed to help you with video quality; I don’t leave you wondering about screen resolution, file types, frame rate or noise reduction.
  • A cheat sheet to print and keep for all the tech-y stuff.
  • A checklist for platform compatibility, for perfect clarity and confidence.
  • PLUS I share my secret method for tidying up ‘dirty’ audio and lots of cool hints to help you avoid common pitfalls.
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It’s time to invest in the future
Imagine being able to train hundreds of people without having to schedule, plan or travel to a single training session.
Reduce costs for your company. Face to face training is expensive… this will save your company thousands.
Explore new opportunities: there is so much power in being able to publish your training materials on your own, without relying on a middle-man. You don’t need permission from anyone to start getting your material digitised and accessible.*
Make the most of your time at home.
Impress your boss with your new skills. Video creation skills are ultra-transferrable. Add them to your resume. Use them to start your own personal YouTube channel, or create a video to promote yourself on LinkedIn.
* well okay, you probably do need permission from your employer; it’s their training material, after all!

I’m here to help you with bonus sessions and guidance
I have packed in all the strategies and tutorials you need to digitise and publish your course. I didn’t add any fluff or filler content. I am not here to waste your time; I’m here to help you get your material online, fast, so your employees and customers can learn from the comfort of their own homes.
Who is the The Online Training Project for? It’s for you if any of the statements below apply to you:
– Your company has training materials in PowerPoint or paper format that is usually delivered face-to-face
– You want to learn repeatable skills for designing and delivering training material online and on-demand
– You want to add amazing value to your company, saving thousands of dollars worth of precious time
– You want to free up your face-to-face training time so you can add more value to your company
– You want to be able to onboard new staff or customers in minutes, not hours
– You want to add new skills to your resume and impress your colleagues and employer
– You don’t currently have secure, easy-to-use online training options
– You want to avoid the frustrations of live teleconferencing and video calls.
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who delivers in-person training and wants to get it online, quickly and cheaply
  • Trainers who wish they could clone themselves, so their students can learn while they do other things
  • Professionals who want to add online course creation skills to their resume

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