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The Complete Proofreading Course: Editing and Proofreading

The Complete Proofreading Course: Editing and Proofreading

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Course Details –:

Published by:TJ Walker, Alex Zimny

What you’ll learn -:

  • Developing the eye for finding mistakes
  • Understanding the importance of styles and consistency

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Is it a big deal to have typos in your cover letter? YES, it is!
Should you pay more attention to detail? Absolutely.
Have you ever been lost in translation, couldn’t see the tree for the forest!?
Then, this is the place for you.
Do not mix up proofreading with editing (Copy editing).
Study to be the editor too. Develop an eye for details.
Understand the context and act accordingly.
Proofreading is the ultimate stage.
Increase your skill in finding errors. No more ridiculous typos.
Realize that this skill is important
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Proofreading is an essential skill worth working on. Learn a different mindset to deal with any obstacle.
The Complete Guide to Editing and Proofreading is a mindset developing course. You should have the desire to find any error, no matter what. Know your punctuation and grammar and the difference between UK and US English.
There is nothing you can not learn if you have an open mind and the willingness to improve.
Let’s enjoy this journey together. Let’s get started.
  Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who likes or has to write any kind of written material

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