Swahili For Everyday Life

Swahili For Everyday Life

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What you’ll learn:-

  • A student will acquire a lot of vocabularies which are useful for everyday Swahili conversations.
  • A student will learn on how to initiate a conversation when in contact with a Swahili speaker.
  • A student will learn on how to read time in Swahili.
  • A student will learn about various norms of the Swahili people such as their common food, and how people of different age have different forms of greetings.
  • A student will learn how to express oneself in Swahili
  • A student will learn on how naming family members in English differs from Swahili.
  • A student will confidently able to tell about weather in Swahili.

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This course explores topics which cover everyday life conversations, so as to enable a student to become conversant in Swahili. It includes the use of Swahili from home to work, and other spheres of daily life. It will have a huge impact to the Swahili competence level of the students.
This course is divided into three sections which are
i) An introduction section, which include;
-The opening video

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-Ten lectures with full HD videos presented on an interactive board.
-Ten downloadable lecture notes files for each topic.
-Quiz for each topic
iii) Closing section, which include;

– The closing video note.
Who this course is for:
  • This course is special for beginners, and students at an intermediate Swahili learning level. Both will benefit from Swahili forms, and vocabularies related to different Swahili expressions which are useful in everyday conversations.
  • An advanced level students can take this course if they want to brush their Swahili knowledge
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