SEO:Affiliate Marketing Website + SEO |255+ Videos |22 Hours

SEO:Affiliate Marketing Website + SEO |255+ Videos |22 Hours

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What you’ll learn:
  • Amazon, Shareasale, and Affiliate marketing
  • How to select a profitable niche and use Advanced SEO techniques to rank higher in the search engines
  • Use Silo website architecture to rank at the top of the SERP’s for less competitive and profitable keywords
  • Discover the right way to choose a domain name for your website and not get penalized for your SEO efforts. Choosing the wrong domain name can compromise your S
  • Design a simplistic WordPress affiliate website from scratch for non-techies – how to make your website look stunning, reduce bounce rate and improve customer e
  • SEO 101 – Fundamentals of search engine optimization for dummies
  • Advanced on-page SEO tips and hacks- make your affiliate marketing website rank in top positions in the Google Search results pages
  • BackLink building complete blueprint- learn how to build backlinks to your site and do link outreach to high UR websites for more organic traffic
  • Building affiliate niche websites niches that generate higher commissions, and make passive income
  • Ahrefs Hands-on to master keyword research, plan a list of articles to rank higher for specific keywords and generate passive income from your website
  • Build affiliate websites that gain monthly commissions from organic search engine traffic
  • Exact tutorials on keyword research – and discover low competition long tail with profitable potential that will rank at the top of Google’s search page with ha
  • How to set the blueprint and design world-class affiliate WordPress websites from scratch as a complete beginner
  • Hands-on wordpress website development- you will learn exactly how to use WordPress to build affiliate marketing niche websites
  • In-depth analysis of the most crucial SEO ranking factors and how they can help your affiliate website to rank at the top of the Google SERP
  • Learn how to optimize your Site speed: make your website load faster. to improve customer experience using only free wordpress plugins
  • SEO “secrets” to rank at the top of the Google search results with a Few or Zero Backlinks
  • Detailed, step-by-step worked examples – learn by watching the entire web development process
  • Advanced Ahrefs Keywords research

Suppose you have always wanted to build booming affiliate websites but could not find a handbook that described the entire process to you. In that case, this course has all the answers that you will ever need to master WordPress.

This online course covers everything you need to know about building amazon affiliate websites that generate monthly commissions like clockwork.

Creating these websites is the easiest way to start a profitable online business.

Niche research, keyword research, website structure for siloed and niche sites, basic SEO, advanced on-page SEO, and backlink building (External links are important to rank and get Free Traffic).

You will not encounter a method on the market that explains as many details as this course – even most online courses that cost $1000 do not even have half the information covered in this course.

The multiple examples will help you comprehend precisely how to pick profitable niches, what to look for while choosing keywords, and how to create content and build the website.

You will definitely be surprised by the material covered in the advanced SEO (Search engine optimization) section. There is no other online course that covers what works now in as much detail as this course.

The strategy adopted in this courses is entirely ethical and white hat. Build your amazon affiliate websites like it is described here. You will not need to worry about future Google updates targeting spammy sites and deceptive link-building methods.

Here you will discover how to create 100% white hat wordpress websites that can conquer the SERPs for 10s if not 100s of keywords with a few backlinks.

While this may sound difficult to start, the multiple step-by-step examples will show you all you need to know to develop these websites yourself. And you will see how simple this is once you know the fundamental notions and have seen all the steps.

You will learn how to make your website’s revenue every month of the year. Making money with the amazon associates program and creating successful websites is very easy- once you learn the process. And you will discover every step of the function inside the course.

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You will learn how to make your website’s revenue every month of the year. Making money with the amazon associates program and creating successful websites is very easy- once you learn the process. And you will discover every step of the function inside the course.

This course has been created for newbies – people who have never performed any online advertisement, SEO, or even set up WordPress websites. It will hold your hand and guide you through every step you require to take to develop an income online with these simple wordpress websites.

This course would be suitable even for affiliates with revenue-generating websites seeking verified tips to boost their profits.

These websites comply with amazon’s official guidelines – these are not black hat websites.

This course is not about creating a store on amazon but about building 100% white hat amazon associates’ websites. And the two approaches are entirely distinct from each other.


What do you mean by affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is about sending traffic to a merchant’s website. The vendor will reward you with a commission if the individuals you send to their website buy anything they may sell.

Amazon is one such vendor with a top-rated profitable affiliate program.

Amazon – and its associates in different countries – will pay you commissions for sales you cause through your website’s content.

For this to occur, you will require a site ranking high in Google and other search engines. These good rankings will mean people searching for products will visit your website from Google’s search results, read your blog post or article- and hopefully click on your amazon affiliate link, go to Amazon and purchase one or many products

Advanced on-page SEO

While learning the fundamentals of SEO is essential, you will be incapable of ranking your associate’s website in competitive niches with merely the basics. And most affiliate marketing websites are primarily in high-competition niches.

You will need to master advanced SEO concepts that can turn the tables in your favor.

And many of these notions will require to be learned before your website goes live and does well in google’s search engines.

Link building

The right type of backlinks is paramount if you are to thrive with your SEO efforts.

This section examines the type of links you want to create, where to get them, and much more

Who this course is for:
  • People Looking to develop a wordpress affiliate website from scratch
  • Website development enthusiasts with basic wordpress development skills and knowledge
  • Entrepreneurs wanting to create a succesful online business for passive income
  • Students seeking to master wordpress and SEO (Search engine optimization)
  • People looking to take SEO and keywords research skills to the next level
  • Individuals seeking to rank high on the SERP’s (Google Search results)

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