Oracle PL/SQL 1Z0-148 Certification - Practice Tests

Oracle PL/SQL 1Z0-148 Certification – Practice Tests

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What you’ll learn:


The Oracle 1Z0-148 certification exam contains 75 multiple-choice questions which individuals have 110 minutes to answer. You must receive a score of 62% or higher in order to pass.

With this practice test you will only get the exam practice questions , No course needed. These tests are simulations of what the real exam will be like.


By becoming an Oracle Database PL/SQL Certified Professional, you will be ready to fully exploit the most advanced features of PL/SQL. From performance to maintainability to application code architecture, you will be able to provide guidance at a more strategic level, thereby offering much higher value to your company and the marketplace.

You will gain thorough knowledge of PL/SQL language, its architecture, features, interactions with the SQL engine, programming constructs and datatypes. Passing the exam validates your knowledge of subjects such as complex datatypes, dynamic cursors, external procedures, security features and considerations, and performance related features such as caching, parallel execution and profiling.

Prove fluency in and a solid understanding of the skills required to fully leverage PL/SQL as part of the foundation of any application built on top of Oracle Database.


Exam Name : Oracle Database: Advanced PL/SQL.

Exam Code : 1Z0-148

Exam Level : Associate

Duration : 110 mins

Number of Questions : 75

Passing Score : 62%

Format : Multiple Choice

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