Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint from scratch to professional

Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint from scratch to professional

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What you’ll learn:
  • Learn all the commands of Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Designing tables, graphs and other graphic elements in Office programs
  • Different ways of saving and printing in Office programs
  • Learn different ways to create documents
  • Add transitions and sound effects in the presentation
  • Create an attractive presentation
  • Correcting spelling and grammatical errors
  • Use the Autofill tool in Excel to save time and effort
  • Use formulas and functions and perform arithmetic operations
  • Learn about the most popular functions in Excel
  • Different formatting of data in excel
  • In Excel Pivot Table Use tables and pivot tables
  • All keyboard shortcuts associated with software

Office programs are one of the important programs in our lives, we need them in almost everything most of the time

(ICDL Course) In this course, we will learn the most important Office programs; Roses, Excel, and PowerPoint

  Microsoft Word – first roses

Microsoft Word is one of the most important programs in our lives and the most in need in the labor market, so we cannot abandon it. The Word program is used to write and modify texts and add illustrations, and various designs can be made through it

This course will help you to understand all the tools of the program with ease, step by step, and you will also learn techniques and methods to help you save time and effort

You will also learn how to better show your data through tables, graphs and illustrations

In the end, you will learn how to take full advantage of Microsoft Word and modify documents efficiently and easily

Microsoft Excel – Second Excel

Consists of 45 short videos that you will be able to

Understand all the program’s tools with ease, step by step. You will also learn techniques and methods that help you save time and effort through a simplified and practical explanation.

You will also learn how to better display your data and easily modify it through tables and graphs

In the end, you will learn how to take full advantage of Microsoft Excel, add data, analyze it and perform calculations efficiently and easily.

In it we will learn the following

  • Entering data and various ways to determine it
  • Use the autofill tool to save time and effort
  • Use simple mathematical formulas
  • Average and Sum Use mathematical functions such as
  • Recognize the absolute cell reference
  • Better formatting and display of data
  • Sorting and filtering data to make it easy to find information
  • Use graphs to illustrate and summarize data
  • The different characteristics of printing and overcoming the most famous printing problems
  • Link worksheets and workbooks together
  • Use counting functions and text functions to speed up work inside the excel file
  • Domain naming to save time
  • Use schedules and automate everything to save time and effort
  • Advanced use of graphs
  • To summarize data easily, use Pivot Tables

Microsoft PowerPoint – the third PowerPoint

One of the best programs used in designing professional presentations and making PowerPoint presentations

PowerPoint is used as a main presentation tool in schools and companies, and it should be a basic skill that you learn and add to your skill set due to its importance and the high demand for it in the labor market because it contains a set of elegant templates that make creating presentations simpler

You can learn it from scratch to become a professional from this course

What will you learn after completing this course?

  • Master all powerpoint commands
  • Comfortable dealing with powerpoint commands
  • Create tables and graphs
Who this course is for:
  • Who want to learn Word, Excel and PowerPoint from scratch for professionalism

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