Learn Method Acting , Characterisation & Monologue Mastery

Learn Method Acting , Characterisation & Monologue Mastery

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What you’ll learn:
  • Legendary Monologues to Showcase your talent at Auditions and Develop your Skills While Learning them
  • Multiple indepht Method Acting Techniques
  • The Core Methodology by Stanislavsky and a Set of Method Acting Exercises by Strasberg

In this course you will learn top monologues from legendary male characters.
Master the Acting Craft with the tools and Knowledge used by A-List Stars Method Acting

Method Acting is the key to your mastery of the Acting Craft. With this course, you learn to become a memorable actor.

Take full control of your acting career. Increase your confidence superpower with every audition. Become an authentic and masterful Method Actor who is truly versatile.

Learn breakthrough Method Acting Techniques.
Learn to be 100% natural and in control of your character.
Grow and achieve higher levels of craft Mastery.

With Method Acting and Monologue Monologue Mastery:

  • Learn how to harness the universal common archetypes essence to bring you as close to your character as you can ever be.
  • Skyrocket your audition technique to blow casting directors away.
  • Mindset Mastery for Actors
  • Master the Self-Tape Method.
  • Stanislavsky’s Definitions Understand how to play truthful Characters
  • Four Method Acting foundation Exercises by Strasberg.
  • Master four legendary monologues for male actors.
  • Learn to use multiple Method Acting techniques.

Use these effective Method Acting exercises to get into character truthfully and fast. Master your monologues and become the character your desire at any time and at will.

Method Acting  and Monologue Mastery For Male Actors

  • Gives you a set of tools that will reinforce your talent and abilities.
  • You learn techniques that will help you improve characterisation x 10 and consistently create truthful and meaningful performances.
  • It guides you on to the best ways towards enhancing compelling characters.
  • You learn to embrace your character truthfully and fast.
  • You are able to apply the knowledge to any character you work on in the future.
  • Method Acting and Monologue Mastery shows you how to become a memorable Actor and stand out from the rest.

Everything you learn during this course will serve you to prepare and master any future roles you work on.

Inside Monologue Mastery and Method Acting For Male Actors

The Basics: The Warm-up, Gaining Confidence, and learning your lines

This class takes you through the basics letting you into the most important factors in gaining great confidence as an Actor.

The Actors Inspiration Journal  Volume 1 GIFT 

A Journal to help you keep track of your progress as well as keep inspired and feeling supported and on point with a variety of 3 minutes warm-ups.

Master the Self-tape Method

With this tool, you will learn how to effortlessly produce winning self-tapes for auditions, to get the roles you want.

3 Amazing monologues from legendary characters in iconic films

Method Acting Techniques Methodology & Exercises to go with each of your Monologues and One Foundation Method Acting Practice to develop throughout your training

Method Acting is not one more way to achieving mastery of the craft is the way. In Monologue Mastering, you have the opportunity primarily to indulge in the Dramatic Art of The Method, the active analysis of the method of physical action. A concise introduction and illuminating exploration of the teachings of Stanislavsky and Strasberg.

Who this course is for:
  • Students who are after a Career in Acting.
  • Acting Students who seek to sharpen their skills.
  • Professional Actors who want to expand their knowledge, sharpen their methodology and enhance their skills.

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