Learn Dutch in Dutch 1: for absolute beginners

Learn Dutch in Dutch 1: for absolute beginners

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What you’ll :
  • Dutch for
  • Dutch from 0
  • The first words
  • Start speaking in Dutch
  • From 1 to 20
  • Learning Dutch?
  • A0 student?
  • Or a little Dutch?

This is a good course!

An course for beginners (A0)

In this NT2 course you will learn your first words. So this is for absolute beginners. We start with hello… and much more.

What will you learn with the course?

The absolute basis of Dutch. We start with the simple words. But the lessons also cover Dutch verbs, forming sentences, questions, words for transport, Dutch such as drinks and many more topics. This gives you a good basis to Dutch better.

How do you learn the Dutch language?

The language is not the easiest language to learn. So a good question is: how do you learn it? The answer: 100% in Dutch. You will learn all your new words in the Dutch language – yes. Then you learn Dutch better and very quickly. Be sure to try the free previews. So you can see: is it good for me?

The level is A0 to A2. I use the Belgian accent, Flemish, which is understood in the Netherlands.

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Ready to learn Dutch online with me?

Looking forward to your !

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