Learn the Basics of Numbers from Scratch

Learn the Basics of Numbers from Scratch

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What you’ll learn
1. Numbers ( Whole, Rational, etc ) All the Different Types Part-1
2. Numbers ( Whole,Rational,etc ) All the Different Types Part-2
3. Additive Inverse & Identity, What is it?
4. Multiplicative Identity & Inverse, What is it?
5. Prime Factorization, What is it ?
6. Lowest Common Multiple (LCM), What is it?
7. Highest Common Factor (HCF), What is it?
8. Relation Between ( HCF & LCM ), What is it?
9. Properties Of Inequalities-(Part 1), What are they?
10. Properties Of Inequalities-(Part 2), What are they?
11. Properties Of Number Between 0 & 1, What are they?
12. Properties Of Zero, (Part 1), What are they?
13. Properties Of Zero Part-2
14. Properties Of One Part-1
15. Properties Of One Part-2
16. Divisibility Test For 2
17. Divisibility Test For 3
18. Divisibility Test For 4
19. Divisibility Test For 5
20. Divisibility Test For 8
21. Divisibility Test For 9
22. Divisibility Test For 10
23. Square & Perfect Square
24. Square Root
25. Ratio and What is It?
26. Ratio as a Percentage and How to Convert It?
27. Continued Ratio and What is it?
28. Proportion and What is It?
29. Direct and Inverse Proportion
30. Rate

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In this course students will learn about Numbers ( Whole, Rational, etc ) and all the Different Types, Additive Inverse & Identity, Multiplicative Identity & Inverse, Prime Factorization, Lowest Common Multiple (LCM), Highest Common Factor (HCF), Relation Between ( HCF & LCM ),  Properties Of Inequalities, Properties Of Number Between 0 & 1, Properties Of Zero, Properties Of One, Divisibility Test For 2, 3 ,4, 8, 9, 10, Square & Perfect Square, Square Root, Ratio, Ratio as a Percentage, Continued Ratio, Proportion, Direct and Inverse Proportion, Rate

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  • Students who are interested in learning about the mathematical course Numbers and it’s contents
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