Graphic Design - Passive Income Downloads & Self Publishing

Graphic Design – Passive Income Downloads & Self Publishing

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What you'll learn:
  • HOW & WHAT to sell as Digital Downloads
  • Self-Publishing How To's & Secrets
  • File Types, Publishers, Book Specifics !
  • Create Books & Downloads For Immediate Sale with NO Overhead Costs
  • How to Create Multiple Streams of Passive Income Revenue

So what is the deal with downloads and print-on-demand (AKA Self Publishing)?

So you've seen those adult coloring books and know you can do better? Or do you want to make a graphic novel? Or maybe you have a how-to book about a particular technique you know you can sell? Me too! I've written and illustrated over two dozen books – all completely self-published – and it is NOT rocket science.

Want to worldwide but don't know how to get started? The answers are in this class!

It doesn't matter how far along you are in your creative arts business, how old you are, how extensive your portfolio is – setting up downloads NOW creates passive future income for years to come. PLUS I show you how you can use them NOW as your own marketing tools while having the same items pull double duty as passive .

If you are a creator or designer, you more than one stream of income to get through the slow times or while you are just getting started. This class will get you going at light speed!

Downloads and Print-On-Demand products are a no-brainer to make money on stuff you have probably already created!

This takes NO MONEY and as creative individuals, you are especially suited to make unlimited income!

It just takes some initiative and time – how to get started is all in the class!

Why is this a BIG deal?

  • No Printing Costs!
  • No Shipping Fees!
  • No Manufacturing Costs!
  • No Physical Storage Space Needed!
  • 24/7 Sales Opportunities!
  • World-Wide Distribution!
  • Zero Overhead!

    — Do the work once and get paid over and over!

Do you of self-publishing your content IMMEDIATELY?

+ Book Sizes
+ Cover Options
+ Publishers
+ BIG TIME Time Savers

We are talking book sales without a single dollar spent on creating your printed book!

Are you ready for a crash course in the DETAILS like:

+ Glossy or Matte Covers?
+ How do you know how wide to design the book spine?
+ The I use in self-publishing?


Maybe you want to take things you have already created and turn them into downloads?

In this PDF you will find:

+ Dozens of Download Ideas
+ Ways to Market Your Downloads
+ Where to Sell Them
+ Lots of Pro Tips I've Picked Up Over The Years!

– – BONUS – –

This course comes with a free copy of my book Digital & On-Demand Products.

We will be using it as the course handouts as we move along, but feel free to skip ahead and move forward and backward through the lessons and chapters at any

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