Fundamentals of Financial Accounting

Fundamentals of Financial Accounting

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What you’ll learn:
  • Introduction to Accounting
  • Accounting and documentary course for companies
  • Recording in the journal
  • Posting to ledger
  • Preparing the trial balance with totals and balances
  • Preparing the financial statements
  • Inventory adjustments

You are on the right path to develop your skills to become a professional in accounting. 
All you need is in one course.

The training content of this course is designed on the basis of the needs of the labor market
. This course is characterized by linking the theoretical framework of accounting with the practical reality and the actual documents used in companies. 

The course is a question and answer system to facilitate the way Explanation

and the course deals with the answers to these questions, for example, but not limited to

what is accounting?

What are the basic aspects of accounting?

What are the branches or types of accounting?

What are the uses of accounting?

Is accounting important in small businesses or sole proprietorships?

What are the job titles for accountants as a whole?

Who are the main users of accounting information?

What are the main sources of accounting information?

What are the basic terms or definitions in accounting?

What are the types of assets?

What are the types of obligations?

What are the types of property rights?

What is the basic accounting equation?

What is the double entry rule?

An application to the accounting equation and double entry?

What is the accounting cycle?

What is a documentary course?

How do accounting assumptions affect accounting information?

How do accounting principles affect accounting information?

What is the nature of accounting accounts?

Is it possible to register the account in reverse nature?

What are the conditions to be taken into account when registering in the journal?

What is the method of recording in the journal in the Italian journal?

What is the method of recording in the journal in the American Journal?

Exercises to record in the journal

What is a ledger?

What are the types of ledger?

How is the posting process to the ledger?

How is the process of crediting to the ledger?

What is trial balance?

What are the types of trial balance?

What are the benefits of trial balance?

What is the depreciation of assets (depreciation, depletion or decay)?

Are all assets depreciated?

What is the difference between depreciation of assets and depreciation or depletion or decay?

What are the methods of depreciation?

What is the depreciation premium or depreciation expense?

What is compound depreciation?

What is the net book value of the asset?

What is the 

Who this course is for:
  • Students of the Faculty of Commerce, Accounting and Business Administration

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