Food and Emotions

Food and Emotions

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What you’ll :
  • The best-selling course on Yin and Yang Theory and how to extrapolate it to on Udemy
  • Existing relationship between organs and emotions according to the theory of the 5 elements
  • Know in detail what foods affect us in a positive way
  • Know in detail what foods harm us and how
  • Effect of food on the mental and emotional body
  • Know the different cooking styles and thus learn how they influence us and how they can become an ally
  • Learn to interpret our cravings
  • Know and interpret our food desires recognizing our deficiencies
  • Learn to compensate in the short and long term for our desires and shortcomings
  • Prepare balanced and nutritious menus that prevent us from falling into unhealthy desires and cravings

Food and Emotions

Understand the reason for your food desires and cravings

Instructors : María Salguero and Álvaro García Updated: January 2022 Students: +3,000 

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Course Description:

In this course you will discover how to have a diet that helps balance your emotions, the reason for your desires and cravings regarding a particular food, flavor or texture.

With this course you will be able to recognize your nutritional, energetic, sensory and emotional deficiencies that make you have different cravings without being able to control them.

You will learn to compensate with a much healthier diet and thus be able to control your cravings in the long term without suffering.

The foods we eat every day affect our emotional state. Knowing what effects different foods have on you WILL HELP you know when and why you should avoid certain foods or incorporate others, depending on what you at any given time.

This course is designed to offer you self- tools that facilitate the management of your emotions through the food you eat every day.

“What we eat affects our emotions and our emotions often determine what we eat. It’s a two-way relationship.”

Training Itinerary:

  1. Introduction to Udemy and the Course
  2. Course Student Resources
  3. Issuance of the Course Completion Certificate

Learning Methodology:

Remember that this course includes fullHD video lessons with studio audio (compatible with TV, PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone), didactic articles, activities, animations, illustrations, step-by-step projects, downloadable resources , links of interest, access to for  , certificate of completion, online tutoring , and an exclusive private learning community that we help each other by contributing our experiences in the course communication forum.

The modality of this course allows you to start and finish when you want , setting the pace of the class according to your availability. You can redisplay what interests you, skip the content you already master, ask questions, resolve doubts, share your projects… You can choose to see all the lessons sequentially (linear) and make the most of the training, but you can also decide to view this course as a reference .

Classes are clearly organized into sections and lessons, you can choose to view only the classes that are most important to you based on your training needs. Most lessons are self-contained so you can understand the concepts in each lesson without having to watch previous lessons in the course.

To follow the proposed training , no previous knowledge is required, since the training is undertaken from a user level 0. The course is aimed at those creatives who want to expand their (abilities) and learn about multiple tricks, tips, resources and recommendations. , led by the instructors Álvaro García and Lucía Fernández. In addition, the training has automatic access to the content, without time limitation, availability 24/7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week), without expiration and with a return guarantee .

What are you waiting for? This course is ideal for you. Dare to become an expert and express your ideas in the way you have always wanted. Go ahead, see you inside the training 😉

Who this course is for:
  • People who want not only to improve their way of eating but who want to improve the emotional relationship they have with food as well as understand their cravings and desires for certain foods.
  • No previous knowledge is necessary.

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