Digital Persuasion - How To Influence People To Buy

Digital Persuasion – How To Influence People To Buy

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What you'll learn:
  • How marketing has changed in the last few years
  • Why demonstrating your expertise is critical?
  • How to gain a thorough understanding of your
  • The importance of educating your customers and how you can do this
  • What to include in your sales copy so that it doesn't sound like selling or hype
  • How to tell your “story” so that it resonates with
  • The importance of “social proof” and how to get it
  • The role of giveaways in your and ideas for ones you can use today
  • The strategy of scarcity and how you can use it to increase sales ethically
  • Why repetition is a good thing and how you can do it without sounding like a broken record

How To Sell with Influence and Digitally Persuade People To Buy …

  • Do you wish “selling” was easier?
  • Want to persuade more people to buy?
  • Need a thorough understanding of your customers?

You see,

Why people buy and the motives and drivers behind these reasons why – are some of the most “powerful lessons” in business you can learn.

Showing people how you provide solutions to their problems, makes your of selling much easier.

Persuasion and influence become easy when you sell what people desire and deliver what people want.

The truth is …

People don't buy what they need most – they buy what they want most.

And what people want most are solutions for their problems, answers for their questions, and results for their life.

The 9 of Selling with Influence

The Internet has changed both your business and your marketing …

Customers today are proactive in going out and finding what they want.

The attitudes and behavior patterns of your customer have changed, and to be successful, you have to change with them.

The best part is,

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Persuasive selling isn't about forcing your products and services on people.

Especially in today's market, where people have more choices than ever before, hard-sell should mostly be avoided.

As a salesperson or marketer, you need to demonstrate, educate and entertain.

Your customers will choose your product if it's truly right for them.

Demonstrating and educating means giving your customers all the information they need to understand what you're selling, and all the details they personally need to know about it.

This should be the purpose of your sales process.

Knowing what motivates your market most, allows you to keep people entertained, while you educate and teach them all about your products and services.

#4. Hype-Free – Develop trust, provide proof, back up claims, and still keep your sales copy conversational.

In today's marketing, there's little room for bright flashing fonts and tricky language, although people still use them both.

Not only is it possible to write effective sales copy without twisting the truth, it's essential to do so.

Customers today have been marketed to for years, and they're wise enough to recognize hype.

Your sales copy should answer any abjections or concerns your prospects may have in mind.

From headline to order button, your job is to make the buying process as seamless, frictionless and pain-free as possible.

#5. Stories – Use the SSS structure, and add history or culture to your product to reframe it.

The best marketing tells a story …

People love stories, and they relate well to them.

Like a movie or book, a good marketing story has a plot, characters, and movement toward a climax. It keeps people reading to see what's going to happen next.

If you look at almost any story, you'll see a common structure.

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