Cyber Hygiene - Compact Awareness Guide on Internet Security

Cyber Hygiene – Compact Awareness Guide on Internet Security

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What you’ll learn:
  • Cyber Threat Landscape
  • Types of Hackers & Types of Malware
  • Social Engineering & its categories
  • Current Best Practices on how to Stay Safe and secure ONLINE
  • FREE & Paid tools to keep your security check up-to date
  • Interactive Presentation to keep you engaged at all times
  • REMEMBER – You are not safe on the Internet – BE VIGILANT, ALWAYS !!!

First things first, this is not another big and bulky course which you will not gonna finish, Like EVER 😉

Cyber Threats have increased significantly in recent times and hackers are keeping their game up-to-date to be ahead of their victims (WE) at all times.

There are ONLY two proven ways to overcome ever growing cyber threats; first via continuous learning & awareness and second via technological implementation. By enrolling into this course you will surely be taking first step in the right direction!

REMEMBER: Bad guys only has to be lucky once, while we have to be lucky all the time!!!

I have tried to kept this as compact as possible to cover the most important topics accompanied by interactive presentation to keep you interested till the end.

Resource links are placed strategically along with each chapter so you can follow along with the news, FREE & paid tools, videos, documentaries and many other interesting items to strengthen your knowledge with real worldly touch.

What we will cover:

  • Will start with the introduction to cyber security and its landscape, because you can’t defend what you don’t know about. Don’t worry, its compact and won’t take much time
  • Next up we will go through the best practices to keep you safe online
  • Followed by the pros and cons of social media
  • And lastly concluding with the ending remarks with best takings from this course along with some free tools to keep your security check up to date

So what are you waiting for, I can guarantee that in the next couple of hours you will learn some of the best practices to be safe and secure online!!!

Happy Learning 🙂

Best Regards, KB

Who this course is for:
  • Everyone who is on the internet

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