Counselling and Negotiation Skills for Management

Counselling and Negotiation Skills for Management

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What you’ll learn:
  • Define the changing behaviors through Counselling
  • Identify specific Techniques of Counselling
  • Estimate the Role conflicts of Managers and Counselling
  • Describe the application of Counselling in Specific Organizational Situations

You might mirror that when you last encountered an issue, assuming you had the option to talk about it with somebody whom you trusted, you felt much improved. The individual whom you trusted in may have proposed specific strides to deal with the issue, which you might not have considered. Now and again the audience can direct you to look inwards and track down arrangements. Thusly, offering one’s inconveniences to a believed individual can help the singular feel more fit for confronting what is going on. This is on the grounds that looking for direction from others empowers an individual to inspect what is going on according to different points of view and track down fitting arrangements. You might have seen or known about individuals confronting various sorts of testing circumstances. A companion might be angry with her terrible scores in assessments, a young might be upset since his folks regularly squabble with one another, someone else might be experiencing issues with companions, another person might have monetary issues. Numerous understudies on the limit of school might be confounded with regards to decisions to be made for additional investigations and such different issues.

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They are maybe in circumstances which they can’t manage without help from anyone else. Here they would profit from proficient direction and guiding. These are processes that assist with peopling when they feel that they are in a difficult circumstance and can’t figure out how to adapt to it. Guidance can be clarified as help made accessible by able advisors to a person of any gathering to help him/her direct the existence course, foster a perspective, decide and be better changed. Direction doesn’t mean giving headings, nor is it a burden of one’s perspective on someone else.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the course, students should be able to:

  • Understand complex theory and practice of negotiation in particular and conflict resolution in general.
  • Identify the challenges we all have in dealing with negotiation and conflict resolution.
  • Apply negotiation as a system and the important role of subsidiary factors.
Who this course is for:
  • Bachelor
  • Masters
  • BBA
  • MBA
  • Counselor

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