Confidence and charisma for sales & business development

Confidence and charisma for sales & business development

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What you’ll learn:
  • Triple your confidence in selling situations
  • Learn how to get into the right mindset – every time
  • Change limiting beliefs that keep you back
  • Create a compelling vision that fuels you
  • Learn how to set effective goals
  • Increase your standards and align them with your vision
  • Learn state management
  • Business development sales skills
  • Use NLP for your own benefit
  • Learn NLP anchoring methods be your best self
  • Business development

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“Great information and practical tips. LOVE Stefan’s teaching style, energy and all the experience / strength that he shares. Great course for sales, impact, engagement, and confidence! 5 Star.” – Whit Henson

50% of success in business development & sales is your inner mindset. Your confidence and enthusiasm.

Thus, it is impossible to have long-lasting success in sales and learn great sales skills without getting your mindset right: a compelling vision for your future, goals to work on daily, a strong belief system that does not hold you back, high standards, confidence and state management are all part of a great attitude.

Successful business development starts in your own mind. This course teaches you everything to harness this power from within. Become great at business development and sales by using powerful inner sales game techniques routed in neuro-linguistic-programming.

  • “I enjoyed the energy in the presenter and the way in which topics were explained. I was surprised at the level of philosophic and scientific references in the course which gives me some faith in the value of the content. “– Simon Karacinski

In this business development course, you are going to learn how to

  • Bring your A-game to the table every day
  • Use NLP anchoring to get you into the right state of mind
  • Create a compelling vision statement that drives you forward even if your motivation or energy level are low
  • Empower yourself to go into the sales call with high confidence
  • “You did a good job. Making sales look fun with your sales philosophy, less scary than one might expect, with great little insights into human nature that pertain to customer behavior, Thanks!” – Adr. Productions

Ever felt like you are self-sabotaging yourself? The reason for this are limiting beliefs. In this confidence course, you are going to learn how to overcome limiting beliefs and replace them with powerful beliefs that guide you towards success.

  • Create beliefs inside of yourself that empower you rather than holding you back
  • Raise your standards so that you do not end up with a champaign vision and a beer standard

Before you get on the phone, make sure you are mentally ready for the sale & sharpen your sales skills so they can be readily used. Knowing what to say is important but all outer world techniques are useless if you do not equally possess the inner strength to portray a successful future for yourself in order to keep your attitude and motivation high, especially in tough times.

This sales skills course will teach you how to align your belief system, your vision, goals, attitude and inner game in order manage your state and your sales career.

  • “Stefan is an amazing teacher. I took his 4 courses about sales, negotiation and Business Development for Start-up and finished them with a smile on my face.” – Nmas Lach

This confidence course is different from other sales courses as it

  • focuses on the inner game of sales only
  • contains practical applications and examples that allow you to implement the systems in your life
  • audio-visual NLP teaching technique means you keep more of the content in shorter time

Working hand in hand with the outer world sales modules of this sales system, the inner game of sales module will ultimately lead you towards

  • Being persuasive as a result of your state and confidence
  • Creating a great attitude for yourself that drives you
  • And overall, become a highly effective sales professional & closer

Finally this offer even includes

Who this course is for:
  • Professionals becoming their best selves with NLP
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Sales professionals
  • Account managers
  • Solopreneurs
  • Start-ups
  • People with a zest to improve their live

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