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What you’ll learn
– Dynamic Gymnastics for babies.
– Boost babies immunity system.
– Strengthening joints for babies.
– Stretching for babies.
– Reducing baby’s colics.
– 19 moves that will take your baby’s physical and emotional health to the next level.
– Improving baby’s breathing and cerebral blood circulation.
– Strengthening baby’s spine.
– Baby development.
– Overcoming fears in parenting.

Dynamic Gymnastics for babies is a method for improving their body structures and enhancing their immunity systems. This course offers techniques to improve breathing and oxygenating baby’s brain for a better cerebral blood circulation. It allows through a series of exercises to strengthen the joints, tendons and ligaments of babies. It helps in improving digestion and reducing baby’s colics.

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It helps in improving digestion and reducing baby’s colics. These exercises are not only helpful in strengthening baby’s body but also in overcoming their fears and the fear of the mother and the father while dealing on a daily basis with their babies. Each exercise focuses on a particular part of the body and is presented in a separate video showing its benefits and the way baby should be held. Acknowledgements to Rada Bond.
Who this course is for:
  • Parents
  • Health professionals
  • Sports professionals
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