Write a Comic - Creative Writing Vol. 6

Write a Comic – Creative Writing Vol. 6

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What you’ll learn:
  • This course will teach you how to write a script for a comic
  • We will analyze the backbone of a comic.
  • I’ll explain the basic differences between the comic genre and other genres.
  • We will enter the world of comics with descriptions and images that have made history.


In this course I will explain how to write a comic, step by step, starting from how and where to find an “idea” up to the final script. 

Comics represent a very particular genre having in itself the basic peculiarity of a visual story of images placed in sequence, where by images we also commonly mean the signs and that is the words. 

The comic writer is a real screenwriter who must also possess the qualities of an excellent director considering that it will be what decides a text that will then guide the designer as well as the letterer (the one who will then in a last moment fill in the balloons ).

Nevertheless, the screenwriter also acts as an engineer and architect of the same comic script as he takes care of its logic and aesthetics. 

Here I will explain the origins of comics through the various historical phases up to the present day. There will also be practical demonstrations on how to develop an idea starting from a certain genre and on how then, subsequently, to develop that particular idea to move on to the stage of drafting the Subject which will then lead us to the final script. 

I will explain to you the different patterns that make up comics by referring to well-known examples that in some way made history.

However, remember that this course will only represent a part of your training as a “cartoonist”, the rest you will have to add by reading many comics of the most varied genres and practicing a lot and for a long time through writing … and the collaboration with the designers, collaboration this’ the latter which is the basis of the success of a comic.

Through my course, you will also understand the use that has been made in the past and still today we continue to do the comic genre as a ‘medium’….

At this point you just have to indulge your curiosity as well as your desire to know new things about comics and sign up for my course, thus starting a beautiful and profitable journey together in the wonderful world of comics !!!


Who this course is for:
  • Comic book writers or aspiring ones.

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