VMware Carbon Black Portfolio Skills Certification Tests

VMware Carbon Black Portfolio Skills Certification Tests

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The VMware Carbon Black Portfolio Skills exam badge validates candidate’s knowledge on how to use the capabilities of the products according to the organization’s security posture and organizational policies.

Exam Sections

If a section is missing from the list below, please note it is because the exam has no testable objectives for that section The objective numbering may be references in your score report at the end of your testing event for further preparation should a retake of the exam be necessary.

Section 1 — Introduction — There are no testable objectives for this section Section 2 – VMware Products and Solutions

Objective 2 1: Given a scenario about App Control user accounts with privileges, identify how they shoula be


Objective 2.2: Identify the characteristics of enforcement levels in App Control

Objective 2.3: Given an App Control use case, identify the enforcement level that shoula be usea.

Objective 2.4: Given an App Control use case, identify computers that meet the specifies state or conaition. Objective 2.5: Give a scenario about managing an endpoint, identify how to accomplish this with App Control Objective 2.6: Given an ADp Control use case, iaentify the requires rule type that shoula be usea.

Objective 2 7: Given a scenario where alerting is needed, iaentify the criterion that shoula be confipurea in App

Objective 2.8: Given an event in App Control, iaentify the components, the event type, or the meaning of the event.

Section 3 – VMware Carbon Black EDR

Objective 3.1: Identify the EDR components and data flows.

Objective 3.2: Given a scenario, iaentify how to manage ana configure EDR Sensor groups. Objective 3.3: Given a scenario including a search in EDR, iaentify what is being searched for. Objective 3.4: Given a scenario including a graphic in EDR, analyze the aata given.

Objective 3.5: Identify the characteristic of a binary search and banning binaries in EDR. Objective 3.6: Identify characteristics that impact search performance in EDR. Objective 3.7: Identify how and when to use and configure feeds in EDR.

Objective 3.8: Identify how to create ana review watchlists I EDR.

Objective 3.9: Given a scenario about an alert, iaentify the proper response mechanism in EDR.

Section 4 – VMware Carbon Black Cloua Enapoint Stanaara

Objective 4 1: Identify the communication process ana requirements for Sensor to server comms in Endpoint Stanaara.

Objective 4.2: Given a scenario including a search in Cloud Endpoint incluaing results, analyze the results. Objective 4.3: laentify characteristics of policy-centered components and sensor options in Cloua Enapoint. Objective 4.4: Identify the characteristics of permissions and blocking and isolation rules for Cloud Enapoint. Objective 4.5: Identify the impact of reputation on rules in Cloud Endpoint.

Objective 4.6: Identify the structure of an alert in Cloua Enapoint.

Objective 4 7: Given.

Objective 5.5: Given a scenario a bout an alert, identify how to respona using a Cloua Enterprise EDR response option

Section 6 – VMware Carbon Black Cloua Auait ana Remeaiation

Objective 6.1: Identify how to perform basic queries with OSQuery in Cloud Audit and Remediation

Objective 6.2: Given a query, identify the framework or structure of the query in Cloua Auait ana Remeaiation

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