Visual Studio (2022) Productivity for C # Developers

Visual Studio (2022) Productivity for C # Developers

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What you’ll learn:
  • 46 shortcuts
  • Perhaps the most important shortcut in Visual Studio
  • An effective Visual Studio workflow
  • Tips & tricks that increase your productivity
  • Professional debugging in Visual Studio
  • Professional refactoring
  • Use ToDo’s correctly
  • Visual Studio Extensions and Third Party Tools that increase your productivity
  • Effective code editing
  • General workflow optimization

Are you a C # developer and work with Visual Studio, but have never really looked into Visual Studio in depth or think that you could get even more out of this powerful IDE? Are you also motivated to become more productive in using Visual Studio and to optimize your workflow? Then this course is exactly the right place for you.

In this course you will learn how to work professionally with Visual Studio as well as extensions, tools and tricks that make you more productive and make your everyday work more fun.

What you will learn in the course:

  1. 46 Shortcuts : You will get to know 46 Visual Studio Shortcuts. The shortcuts are grouped thematically and according to importance. You will receive a cheatsheet in xlsx and pdf format, which contains all the shortcuts covered in the course. We’ll go through in detail how you can use this cheatsheet.
  2. Extensions and tools : You will get to know several extensions and tools that can give you massive support in software development. You are probably not familiar with all of these tools yet.
  3. Shortcuts vs Quicklaunch : You will learn in which cases it is worthwhile to include a shortcut in your repertoire and in which cases I recommend using Quicklaunch or your mouse.
  4. Task List : I’ll show you my workflow in relation to ToDos or the Visual Studio Task List and explain which errors I see more often in this area in practice, why they are problematic and how you can avoid them.
  5. Debugging : Not only do you learn professional and effective debugging in Visual Studio, but I also talk about the practical application of more advanced debugging functions in Visual Studio. I’ll show you everything I know about debugging in Visual Studio but also go into which features I consider to be less important.
  6. Test Explorer : If you do not use an automated test runner such as NCrunch, here you will learn how to use the Test Explorer effectively.
  7. Terminal : You will learn why your terminal is very important and why I recommend that you use it more if you are not already using it excessively.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via a direct message or post your question in the “Questions and Answers” section. I’ll be there for you as soon as possible and answer your questions.

Who this course is for:
  • NET developers who want to increase their productivity
  • C # develope

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