Unofficial LFCS Prac. Exams | Ubuntu 20.04 & CentOS 8 Stream

Unofficial LFCS Prac. Exams | Ubuntu 20.04 & CentOS 8 Stream

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What you’ll learn:
  • LFCS Practice Exam One – Ubuntu 20.04
  • LFCS Practice Exam Two – Ubuntu 20.04
  • LFCS Practice Exam Three – Ubuntu 20.04
  • LFCS Practice Exam Four – CentOS 8 Stream V2.2
  • LFCS Practice Exam Five – CentOS 8 Stream V2.2
  • LFCS Practice Exam Six – CentOS 8 Stream

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The LFCS exams are always up to date.

About The LFCS Certification

LFCS was developed by The Linux Foundation to help meet the increasing demand for Linux administration talent. The exam consists of performance-based items that simulate on-the-job tasks and scenarios faced by sysadmins in the real world.

What It Demonstrates

  • Linux certified systems administrators can work efficiently to design, install, configure, and manage system installation.
  • They will have an understanding of basic concepts such as networking, storage, security, maintenance, logging, monitoring, application life cycle, troubleshooting, API object fundamentals, and the ability to create basic use cases for end-users.

I will be with you along the way for any inquiries! Feel free to send me a direct message at any time.

About the LFCS Practice Exams

  • Multiple Choice (Single Response), Multiple Selection (Multiple Response), and Fill-in-the-Blank.
  • Your role is to test your skills in the real environment and then select an appropriate answer.
  • You should be able to complete the tasks without assistance.
  • You can see the correct answer after completing the exam.
  • You can retake the exam as many times as you wish.

Length of Test:

  • 2 hours | 3 hours

Passing score:

  • 90%

Recommended Experience:

  • You should have completed training in Linux system administration and 6 months of Linux admin experience.

Who Is It For

  • Anyone with the need to pass the LFCS exam
  • Anyone with the need to evaluate his Linux administration skills

Trainees testimonials

  • Mark: Thanks for the course! I really got benefits from it.

This practice test also comes with:

✔ Lifetime access to all future updates

✔ A responsive instructor in the Q&A Section

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Who this course is for:
  • This course is intended for anyone who needs to become a Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS).
  • Anyone who needs to evaluate his Linux administration skills.

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