Understanding Your Beliefs

Understanding Your Beliefs

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What you’ll learn:
  • What are your beliefs, where do they come from, and how they are created
  • How do you learn, understand, comprehend and why
  • Dealing with and persuading your inner critic
  • How to identify your disempowering and unproductive beliefs
  • How to analyze your beliefs
  • How to setup daily mental reminders
  • How to recognize and change your dominant thoughts
  • How to eliminate and dissolve self-doubts
  • And includes many techniques on how to reprogram your beliefs

Hello and welcome to this course on “Understanding Your Beliefs”.

This course is an in-depth study about you and what you believe about yourself, and you will learn and understand why, and this is important because your beliefs are the foundation of who you are and who you will become.

This course may be the most profound learning experience you will ever have. You will discover many truths about yourself that you never consciously knew existed or even bothered to ask yourself. We will examine your beliefs, but more importantly, you will learn how to identify, analyze, modify and reprogram better beliefs and replace disempowering and unproductive beliefs.

When you think about it, our beliefs are unique to us individually, and these beliefs enable us to form our habits and values, which allows us to make decisions and form the skills that we use to experience our life and create our world. We have options, and we can choose which ones to develop.

We must recognize and admit that our beliefs are the supporting infrastructure of who we are and these beliefs allow us to decide what we can do or don’t do or can’t do or won’t do. There is nothing more mentally fundamental or elemental than your beliefs.

When it comes down to it, your beliefs are the starting point and the basis on which you build your knowledge, confidence, and intuition. That accumulated information and how you interpret it lets you feel and know what you think you are capable of or not capable of doing.

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This course will provide you with the tools and techniques to identify, analyze and offer you ways to reprogram the beliefs that are holding you hostage, and are preventing you from achieving what you want to accomplish.

I have streamlined this course to get you the essential facts and instructions without wasting time. I have forgone the time-consuming stories about industry leaders, sports figures, and celebrities. I have excluded any unnecessary references to religion and politics unless used to make a specific point. I see those topics as a distraction to what we are trying to do here.

Set aside time to concentrate and remove any distractions because you must focus and think on the subject matter.

This is a course for anyone who wants to improve their life.

Here is a sample of some of what you will learn:

1) What are your beliefs, and where do your beliefs come from?

2) How your beliefs are formed.

3) How do you learn, understand, and comprehend and why?

4) How to reframe your past experiences.

5) Dealing with and persuading your inner critic.

6) How to determine what is good, noble, and righteous and what isn’t.

7) Where you may be stuck and why and how to undo that.

8) How to control your attention.

9) How to inspire yourself and others

You will also learn:

1) How to identify your disempowering and unproductive beliefs.

2) How to organize yourself for the future.

3) How to setup daily mental reminders.

4) How to recognize and change your dominant thoughts.

5) What is it that you can control that can change the whole landscape of your life?

6) Many techniques on how to reprogram your beliefs.

7) How to eliminate and dissolve self-doubt.

8) What is and how to use the Mirror Motivator Technique.

9) How to write up Improvement Declarations.

10) How to analyze your beliefs.

11) How to interpret and replace undesirable habits.

And there is still more; we will discuss:

1) The Conscious Mind and its functions

2) The Subconscious Mind and its functions

3) What is Infinite Intelligence?

4) What are Disempowering and Unproductive Beliefs?

5) What are Thoughts, Ideas, and Opinions?

6) What is Perception?

7) What is Your Identity?

8) What is Confirmation Bias?

9) What is Doubt?

10) What are Consequences?

11) What are Reasons?

12) What is Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis?

13) What is Reframing?

14) What are Decisions?

And much more …

Disclaimer: The point of this course is to focus specifically on providing you with instructions on how to identify, analyze and then change your disempowering and unproductive beliefs. The success you will attain in achieving results will be directly correlated with the amount of consistent and intelligent effort you apply. If you casually listen to the course, you will get results, but if you really absorb and comprehend the material, and go through exercises and create the lists, along with doing the self-programming consistently, then you will really gain the most benefits.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who is interested in understanding their beliefs and who want to upgrade what they believe and improve their situation ill life

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