Turn Your Passion Into Profitable Information Products

Turn Your Passion Into Profitable Information Products

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What you'll learn:
  • Learn how to take your life experience, special skills and how-to advice & package it into information products that people really want and are willing to pay f
  • Learn how to tap into the online revolution and access global clients 24/7, making it possible to make online sales even while you sleep
  • Learn how to discover your most important niche that will help you to contribute more, live more and earn more
  • Learn how to automated systems to and deliver your eBooks, online courses, training products, video/audio programmes
  • Understand steps to uncover the deepest needs and wants of your ideal clients so that you can create the solutions that they need and effectively market your in
  • Learn about the crucial low-cost steps to grow your online practice while optimising your conversion rate and profits.
  • Understand vital winning philosophies necessary for the expansion of your online practice and income-flow.
  • Learn effective strategies to build an active list of subscribers that will share your products with others and buy from you again and again
  • How to overcome the fear of not “qualified” or “good” enough to use your passion to help others get ahead.
  • How to use your existing content as a springboard to launching your brand.
  • Essential tips for students, start-ups, and newly-qualified on what to start doing first.

We are delighted to invite you to our online course on Turn Your Knowledge into Profitable Information Products for therapists, coaches, student-counsellors, trainers, writers and interested others (limited places).

The entire course focuses on detailing the six building-blocks for turning your expertise into profitable information products: , Purpose, Packaging, Positioning, Promoting & Partnering.

What Previous Attendees Are Saying:

“A very interesting, engaging and informative day. Helped me identify a niche which I have not been able to do for the last 14 years.” J. Greensmith, Hypnotherapist

“This course gave me more clarity in what I want to achieve with my online course.” M. Darbyshire, Therapist & Coach

“A very interesting and informative seminar. A lovely teacher and excellent knowledge. I am very glad that I attended and hopefully I am going to take what I gained further.” L. Boardman, Business Contractor

“This workshop has made me turn a corner in motivating me to use my passion and also made me realise why I haven't put it to use before. It was too huge – but breaking it down into sub-niches has made a big difference. It's fantastic!” Anonymous, Chiropractor

“Excellent content and delivery. Well-structured and relevant.” G. Oldfield, Director of SIRPA UK

“Wale is a very likeable and engaging presenter. A very helpful workshop which helps motivate me to the next step of my business.” K.G.

“A lot of valuable content […]and all very relevant to someone starting out.” T. Wood, Parenting Trainer, Coach and Speaker

“A lot of information with really good basics like what microphone/software to use. The examples look really good and make the teaching credible.” T. Mack, Entrepreneur

“Great tutor. The course was informative and very enlightening.” Anonymous, young entrepreneur

“I needed some motivation and assurance for and about my chosen niche. Very informative. I learned things other courses I've attended didn't cover. Clear, concise and very informative.” J. Whiteley, Photographer

“The course was delivered very well and I have taken away quite a few good tips to use in my career” Anonymous, I.T. consultant

“I enjoyed the workshop. Made me think about my next career plans and brought clarity to some of the questions I have been asking myself.Informative and thought-provoking” C. Kelsey

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“This training helped to my business ideas further in order to expand the reach of the products and develop thoughts of new products. Thanks.” Kerri Garbutt, forensic psychologist

“A very informative course. Personal attention was given to all participants – taught content backed up with handouts and manual. Given clear steps for you to follow.” J.G, Hypnotherapist

“This was another excellent course and very clear. Has given me lots of ideas. I will hopefully be able to put into practice soon.” Anonymous, Chiropractor

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone interested in making passive income online by developing their knowledge into information products that can be purchased anywhere in the world.

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