Trading Master 104 – The Moving Average Strategy

Trading Master 104 - The Moving Average Strategy

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What you’ll learn

  • Students will gain valuable knowledge on Trading Strategies
  • Students will be able to understand the Mindset of the Trader
  • Students will be able to easily identify ideal Entry Positions
  • Students will be able to place Stop Loss To their Trades
  • Students will be able to easily identify Take Profit Levels &
  • Students will be able to modify their Stop Loss Levels so that in most cases they make getting stopped out Profitable!

Trading Master 104 – The Moving Average Indicator is the 4th course in the series of courses that is designed to take the absolute beginner in trading from their first steps all the way to becoming a full time trader on the financial markets!
This is an intermediate level trading course that teaches students (who are already able to read charts) the moving average trading strategy.
Students will be able understand a time tested trading strategy and get enough practice during the course that trading on their own will become very easy!
Traders around the world use this Amazing Strategy to make a lot of money!
Unlike other courses where instructors focus their attention entirely on theory, I focus my course on actual hands on trading. I use charts to show you where to enter a trade and where to exit a trade with profit!

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This course helps you Master The Moving Average Strategy HANDS ON by looking at the charts and practicing your skills thereby helping you grow!
The “Trading Master 104 – The Moving Average Strategy Covers:
  • The Mindset Of The Successful Trader
  • Moving Average Strategy 50/200
  • Moving Average Strategy 10/50
  • Moving Average Strategy 20/200
  • Moving Average Strategy EMAs
  • Identify KEY Entry Levels
  • Placing Stop Loss Levels
  • Placing Take Profit Levels
  • Modifying Stop Loss Levels To Minimize Losses and also in some cases turn Stop Loss Levels into profits instead!
  • Bonus: The SIMPLEST way To Trade The Moving Averages!
Further to this… you will have direct access to me to discuss any of your trades! You can contact me via Udemy Private Message Service, or the Q&A Section in the course.
Who this course is for:
  • Students or Investors who want to make money trading!
  • Those who would find the best opportunities to make consistent profits
  • Students or Investors who want to learn to trade!
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