The Ultimate Guide to Online Teaching 2.0

The Ultimate Guide to Online Teaching 2.0

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What you’ll learn:
  • This course will provide digital nomad wannabe’s with detailed information to help them find the necessary tools and develop essential skills to work remotely.
  • Students will be provided with presentations and how-to-videos and tools for teaching
  • student will learn a step by step process that will enable them to earn money remotely
  • Students will be requested to fulfil the required tasks before moving to the next presentations

A step-by-step course to take you from absolute beginner to savvy online teacher who is generating a decent income. Earn while you travel, or simply work from the comfort of your own home.

This course will provide digital nomad wannabe’s with detailed information to help them find the necessary tools and develop essential skills to work remotely.

Amidst the flood of information on the internet, it is becoming more difficult to find the correct and most productive information.

The course modules are designed to teach those with little to no information how to become remote workers. We have estimated this will save students approximately 10 months of research, trial and error.

It will also demonstrate how to maximise your income and get the algorithm working for you in small easy steps.

This step by step course will propel a complete novice into becoming a savvy and income generating remote worker or digital nomad. It is designed into 6 modules that are both easy to follow and comprehend.

So, if you dream to make a decent living outside the 9-5 system – this course is for you.

Online teaching is one of the jobs that are growing very fast since the beginning of the pandemic. With people locked down in their houses and having limited activities , they seek to learn new skills to keep their sense of growth and self development. Some revert to learning different languages through books and websites like rosetta stone , pimsleur and other online books. But the grammar ,vocabulary are something and the practice is something else.

It is easy to learn the basics but languages are only well acquired through practice and that is something difficult to find specially through the time we live in right now.

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With that into consideration a new job was created -a community tutor or a conversational teacher -and in this job all you have to do is practice speaking your native language with someone and you get paid for it. You do NOT need any form of certification. The only thing you need is the mastery of the language.

With that as starting point you can easily develop yourself through teaching and get new methods and materials that will help you raise your price, decide your own hours and eventually be your own boss

Not only that, but helping people learn a new language gives a sense of purpose as you are using a skill to make the world a better place, It will also make you meet interesting people form all over the world as your market is the internet.

After becoming an online community teacher , you will be well on your way to become a digital nomad and from there you can start saving a little bit of cash to create an online course that will get you some passive income and that will be a door that will open other fields in the digital nomad world.

Nowadays there are number of websites that are offering such jobs like Italki, preply , verbling, lingoda and much more but the problem is that you have to understand how the system works and what are the best way to get students and be a top teacher in your own language.

Nevertheless, there are lots of constrictions on some countries to keep them in the system and try to create the illusion that it is not possible to get paid online , but there is always a solution.

I have been working as an online teacher for the past year or so , and I have managed to gather all the necessary info to overcome these restrictions. I even created a course to help people who are interested to become online teachers, and from there enter the digital nomad world and free themselves from the 9-5 system that I personally feel is a form of slavery .

If you guys want to know more please do not hesitate to contact me or check my vlogs or website or even my online course .

About me

My name is Rahim Hamada and I’m a Digital Nomad Coach. My story begins at the age of 21 when I followed my heart in pursuing an exciting new life full of fun and adventure whilst making a living.

I made an ambitious decision to learn a new skill every year, and since then, I managed to grasp a large amount of knowledge and skills that helped me become the person I am today having developed in the areas of spirituality, mediation, and personal growth .

Right now, I’m based between Bali and Egypt – living the dream. I have created a balanced life that I believe has much more to offer than the one that was laid before me. I spend my days meditating, surfing, working out, and of course working with clients to help them develop their digital nomad skills.

My objective is to help people get unstuck, find their true passion and make a living while doing so.

For a few years now I have been immersed in the digital nomad field – having interviewed hundreds of people, constantly picking their brains to understand the process and path they took to living their best life.
I have created a podcast with the sole objective of providing value to those who would like to learn more about making the change.

Join my experience – learn how to take your life to the next level and learn the necessary skills that will allow you to live your best life.
I would love to help you get there – giving you all the shortcuts, tips and tricks that could save you time and money.

Who this course is for:
  • The course is for anyone who want to start working online or who want create an alternate way to make money

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