SUPPLY CHAIN ​​SKILLS: Logistics Optimization Tools

SUPPLY CHAIN ​​SKILLS: Logistics Optimization Tools

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What you’ll learn:
  • At the end of this training, you will have the knowledge and the tools necessary to be able to identify, analyze a phenomenon and take the right actions.
  • Brainstorming
  • The “5Ps”
  • The “ISHIKAWA Diagram”
  • The “Statement sheet”
  • “Flow Mapping”
  • The “Pareto Analysis”
  • The “3 MUDAs”
  • The “5S”
  • The “Action Plan”
  • The “DASHBOARD” & “KPI’s”
  • “YOKOTEN” philosophy
  • Logistics
  • Logistics
  • Logistics management

This training is qualified among the best courses of UDEMY. You can visualize this through the positive reviews collected during these months since its publication. Current ratings are 4.54/5*.

Welcome to this course that will allow you to save thousands of dollars each month by applying certain tools called: Logistics Optimization Tools.

My name is Hamza and I will be your trainer.

This is a course of introduction and analysis of the different logistics tools in order to make the best decisions at the right times.

This course is quite rich in theoretical and technical information, it is the fruit of 4 years of research and in-depth learning. Moreover, it was the subject of my end-of-study project in 2016 to obtain the Master in Logistics Management. It’s a very good subject that allows you to understand the supply chain as a whole and to have a very broad view of it called 360°.

The steps we will cover in this training will give you a very advanced planning methodology. The latter will give you the opportunity to predict and understand the phenomenon studied in real time, even when identifying the problem you will already have many ideas for resolution and many scenarios.

So welcome to the “SUPPLY CHAIN ​​SKILLS” [ SCS ]

All the companies that exist on our planet seek to reduce their costs and optimize their processes. It must be understood that by reducing the processing or waiting time, a cost is automatically reduced, and it is in this perception that the logistics optimization tools have taken place.

TOYOTA remains the parent company of most of these tools, during all these years TOYOTA has offered us many methods and applicable tools which are used to measure our activity, identify our malfunctions and react with corrective actions which surely require a technical background. and a clearly advanced experience in solving a phenomenon or even in improving a process.

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Who this course is for:
  • Anyone wishing to deepen their knowledge of Supply Chain Management.
  • Anyone looking for a career change in Supply Chain Management.
  • Anyone already in Supply Chain Management and looking for a quick refresher.
  • Any professional wishing to complete their knowledge of Supply Chain Management.

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