Startup Financing Mastery – A Startup Business Funding Guide

Startup Financing Mastery - A Startup Business Funding Guide

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What you’ll learn

  • How to Pick a Startup Funding Strategy to Raise Money Within No Time
  • Estimate Your Operational Costs and How You Can Reduce Them
  • Understand Debt vs Equity Financing and Find Which Is Best for You
  • Evaluate Finance Options Including Bank Loans, Crowdsourcing, Venture Capital and Private Equity
  • Anticipate and Plan for Negotiations
  • Most Importantly You Will Be Confident to Decide on the Right Financing Option(s) for Your Business at Different Stages of Growth by Understanding and Anticipating the Ri

Do you want to know how startup funding works?
Are you struggling to decide on the best funding options for your startup?
OR you are simply curious to know what are the funding options available for a startup?
If you have answered YES to any of the above questions, then you are at the right place…!!!
In this course, you will discover different funding options available for your startup business and/or side-hustle to secure your funding.
Learn from Hannah, an industrial expert who has 8 years of experience at an FTSE100 firm, currently working as Head of Procurement – Technology & People Capability.
This course is designed for startup business owners, who are ready to discover various funding options for their startup, the first-time entrepreneurs who are seeking financial growth in their business and for new entrepreneurs, either full-time or side-hustles, who are launching a new business and needing to secure funding for the launch.
This course will help you to evaluate and identify the best financing options for your business and develop your plan, all in less than an hour!
As a business owner, you want to focus on delivering the best product and service to your customers, not losing valuable time researching how to get finance. This course enables you to avoid the research and fast-track your decision making so you can focus on your main goal of growing your business.
If you have recently started a business or a side-hustle, you will know how important finance is to keep your business alive. For new entrepreneurs, it can be hard to know where to start when looking for funding, especially if you have managed to self-fund it so far.
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This course is full of investment case studies and ready-made worksheets, which will help you to quickly develop your startup funding model or financial plan.
This course is loaded with 10 downloadable resources:
1. Your current funding sources (PDF)
2. Negotiation case study (PDF)
3. Non-monetary startup benefits from financial providers (PDF)
4. Risk worksheet, to identify how risky will finance providers consider your business? (worksheet)
5. Identify your operating costs, and how you might reduce them (worksheet)
6. Identify your finance requirements – What activities need to be funded? How much money does your business need? (PDF)
7. An investor case study (PDF)
8. Financing your business – Debt or Equity? (PDF)
9. Financial options summary sheet (worksheet)
10. Your financial plan (worksheet)
At the end of the course you will be able to:
· Estimate the value of your business to support your pitch for financing
· Reduce time spent researching finance options including bank loans, crowdsourcing, venture capital and private equity
· Confidently decide on appropriate financing options for your business at different stages of its growth, understanding the risk it incurs
· Anticipate and address negotiation topics, such as equity %, by understanding finance providers’ objectives
· Plan and enact the next steps to secure whichever type of financing your business needs
This course will:
· Guide you step-by-step through the process of identifying different financing options, deciding which are best for your business and how to go about securing it
· Share with you the risks to look out for, and negotiation topics likely to arise
· Help you understand how risky your business is for finance providers and how to prepare to get the best deal
· Identify how different types of financing are appropriate at different stages of your business growth
After taking this course, you will most importantly have the confidence to decide on the right financing option(s) for your business at different stages of growth by understanding and anticipating the risk it incurs.
You will experience how financial planning will lead your business to success. You will lead your startup journey more confidently towards success!
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Who this course is for:
  • Startup Business Owners, Who Are Ready to Discover Various Funding Options for Their Startup
  • First-Time Entrepreneurs Who Are Seeking Financial Growth in Their Business
  • New Entrepreneurs, Either Full-Time or Side-Hustles, Who Are Launching a New Business and Needing to Secure Funding for the Launch
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