Software career planning bootcamp

Software career planning bootcamp

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What you’ll learn:
  • Multiple factors that dicate software or IT and how to tackle them.
  • Career planning for software engineers or professsionals in the IT industry.
  • Thinking beyong frameworks,languages. Understanding impact of decisons in longer term.
  • Understanding the diverse backgrounds fellow engineers come from. This helps from a hiring perspective as well.
  • Book recommendations classfied according to the relevance to the phase of the career
  • Estimate career trajectory and invest time optimally in scaling without burning out

A career in software engineering is not the same as being good at coding. The field of software engineering has been evolving for decades. As the technology frontier gathers momentum professionals have to recalibrate to fit in or they become obsolete even before they can realize it. This trend is inevitable. Is it avoidable?

Yes, to some extent. Reinventing a career overnight is impossible but staying within competing distance is possible. The answer is the same old boring , planning. One has to define a flexible framework to tackle changing times. The efforts to get a great professional life might cost space. Is this trade-off mandatory?

No. Understanding the skill , fit, and opportunity cost can help in coming up with a practical career plan that doesn’t overwhelm the personal life. A good career plan is a key to peace of mind in the chaotic universe of software. One doesn’t have to plan every day of their career. Just having periodic checkpoints and a set of goals to look forward to are a great start.

, pandemics, recessions, and many factors will impede progress. Having a simple Plan B will ensure you have enough to get started again. Not all plans need to work, just the fallbacks shouldn’t fail.

Software engineering is more about being human than about machines!

Who this course is for:
  • Software Engineers with 0-8 years of experience.
  • Anyone interested in starting a career in software/IT industry.
  • Anyone In career transition phase
  • Sophomore, Post graduates, or anyone graduating in next couple of years.
  • C++, Java, Python, Go, Rust, , Javascript, , Shell Script and all other programmers
  • Course for all engineers in embedded,cloud, Devops etc.

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