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SMstudy®Corporate Sales Associate Certification Course

SMstudy®Corporate Sales Associate Certification Course

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  • Students need to have an interest and aptitude for Corporate Sales.

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This course titled ” SMstudy® Corporate Sales Associate certification course” contains overview of Corporate Sales basics and is based on the SMstudy® Guide. has 57 high quality videos on Corporate Sales. Upon completion of this course, students can get free ‘SMstudy® Certified Corporate Sales Associate' certification from  The course also touches upon the benefits of SMstudy® Guide. The SMstudy® Guide is developed by VMEdu, Inc., a global certification course provider that has educated over 400,000 students world-wide in more than 3,500 companies. It explains Sales and through a practical, process-oriented approach. The course begins with the introduction video about sales and marketing in general and Corporate Sales in specific. Corporate Sales outlines the best practices and processes to be followed for effective business-to-business (B2B) sales. It provides guidance on activities related to building strong business relationships; successfully working with other to help them see the value in the company's products and services; conducting effective negotiations with other organizations; and ensuring leads generation, qualification, follow-up, and other related activities. 
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The course can be taken by professionals and students interested in gaining a basic understanding of marketing strategy. The many authors, advisers, and reviewers of the course have worked in numerous Sales and Marketing areas and geographic regions across a variety of industries. Thus, insights provided by them make this body of knowledge independent. The course defines Sales and Marketing in terms of processes that comprise a series of actions that leads to a particular result. Each process requires specific inputs and then uses to create specific outputs. To take this course, students need to have an interest and aptitude for marketing strategy.
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  • Anyone interested in knowing more about Corporate Sales can take up this course and exam for free.
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