Regression in Excel for MBA and professionals

Regression in Excel for MBA and professionals

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What you’ll learn:-

  • Identify links in business data using regression techniques
  • Learn how to interpret regression output
  • Apply regression analyses in Excel using Analysis ToolPak
  • Build and test models for predictive analytics
  • Analyze continuous and discrete variables as well as time series dat

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There are many great MS Excel courses on Udemy which sell in thousands of copies. However, busy MBA students and professionals might not have time to sit through tens of hours of video lectures. Besides, only a handful of Excel functions are really used in business on everyday basis so there is no point in learning every available function.

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In this concise course I have carefully selected the most important tools and techniques that are really needed to understand the complicated relationships that exist in your data. Linear regression is the absolute must for data analysis and Analysis ToolPak is a simple yet powerful feature available in MS Excel. The key concepts used in this course have been distilled based on my experience with many groups of business students that I have taught in three MBA programs and various industries.
Who this course is for:
  • pre-MBA students
  • MBA students
  • Business analysts working in Excel
  • Professionals working in data analytics
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