Python for Data Science and Data Analysis Masterclass: 2020

Python for Data Science and Data Analysis Masterclass: 2020

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What you’ll learn:-

  • Python for Data Science and Data Analysis
  • Complete Understanding of Python from Scratch
  • NumPy for Numerical Data
  • NumPy Array, NumPy Operations
  • Pandas for Data Analysis
  • DataFrames, Pandas Series, Pandas Matrix
  • Working on Missing Data, Reading and Writing Files
  • Matplotlib for Data Visualization
  • Seaborn for statistical visualization
  • Plotly for Collaborative, web-based graphing and analytics
  • Data Visualization with Pandas

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Hello Data Scientist,
Welcome to this course, on Python Programming !

In this course we will learn,
1) Complete understanding of Python from Scratch
2) Python for Data Science, Data Analysis and Visualization
It is the Most Comprehensive and Straight-Forward Course to build a solid foundation for Data Science and Data Analysis

List of the Topics that you will learn,
1) Python Crash Course:
Part 1: Data Types
Part 2: Python Statements
Part 3: Functions
Part 4: Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
2) Data Analysis with numPy :
NumPy array, Indexing and Selection, NumPy Operations
3) Data Analysis with pandas :
DataFrames, Series, Matrix, Working on missing data, Reading and Writing files
4) Data Visualization with matplotlib :
Amazing visualization library in Python for 2D plots of arrays

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Learn Python Programming to advance your Career and increase your knowledge in a fun and practical way !!!

Vijay Gadhave
Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who have Never Programmed in Python Before
  • Data Science, Machine Learning Aspirants who want to start with Python

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