Python 3: From scratch for beginners and non-programmers

Python 3: From scratch for beginners and non-programmers

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What you’ll learn:
  • Variables, data types and character strings.
  • Comments, lists, tuples, use of dictionaries.
  • Conditional statements, for loop, while loop.
  • Object Oriented (OOP).

Python is a powerful and widely used in industry. In addition, is easy to learn and is therefore used worldwide to teach the fundamentals of programming.

So if you want to learn programming and acquire highly demanded skills, in this course you will learn the basics of programming in Python with detailed explanations.

Its syntax is easy to understand since it is close to natural language, and programs made in Python look like pseudocodes, which greatly helps in their maintenance.

Your code is more organized by avoiding the use of a semicolon at the end of each statement and it also avoids the use of curly braces to specify that a given block of code belongs to a statement.

In conclusion, should learn Python?

Python is a great first language, whether it’s your second, third, or nth language . Its curve is less harsh than others, it has thousands of libraries that allow us to do what we want in a few lines of code. It allows you to quickly evolve, as well as delve into more complex tasks, as you become more comfortable.

89% of the in the course have also improved their employment situation.

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Who this course is for:
  • Students who want to improve their programming knowledge.
  • Programmers who want to learn the Python language.

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