Public Speaking For Startups! - Cure Stage Fright & Anxiety

Public Speaking For Startups! – Cure Stage Fright & Anxiety

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What you’ll learn:
  • Replace negative self talk with empowering beliefs
  • Effectively handle fear and stage fright
  • Captivate an audience and enjoy the occassion
  • Deliver a speech/talk/presentation with passion
  • Become a confidence speaker

Updated January 2022

“I got on stage to speak for 45 minutes but after 15 minutes I was done. I could hardly remember exactly what I said. All I knew was that after those few minutes I was still shaking and trembling. Eyes were on me not knowing whether to clap or not. All I wanted was for the nightmare to be over! It did.”

Fast forward to today. I speak to audiences around the world in person and via video. I lectured in auditoriums filled with students, missionary tent meetings, workshops. seminars and small groups. The best part is that I thoroughly enjoy every minute of it.

In this course, I will be teaching the exact techniques that I have used to transform my life from someone who experiences embarrassing stage fright to a person who now enjoys and looks forward to impacting an audience. You will learn and more importantly be able to “Do” Public Speaking and enjoy it too!

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The Modules Cover,

  1. How To Unlock The Public Speaking Ability Inside of You!
  2. Fear of Public Speaking – It’s Origin and Development
  3. Speech Anxiety – Internal Dialogue of The Anxious Person
  4. Public Speaking Tips – Internal Dialogue of Successful Speakers Public
  5. Speaking Anxiety – Top Tips To Overcome Stage Fright & Fear
  6. Speaking tips – Life Transforming Public Speaking Exercises How To Captivate An Audience Phobia of
  7. Public Speaking – Use The Ultimate Speaking Preparation
  8. Choosing An Engaging Topic – Top 6 Topics To Choose From
  9. Improve Public Speaking With ‘Superfoods For Public Speaking’
  10. Speaking With Confidence -The Secret of Practising

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After learning and practicing what I have taught; you will come out a different person. I offer you a 30 Day – No Questions Asked – Money Back Guarantee which means if you didn’t get value from it – return it and collect your money. Plus inbox me and I will give you any one of my courses for FREE.

So sign up now – see you on the inside.

Boomy Tokan

Who this course is for:
  • Public speaking beginners or first timers
  • Those who are frightened to speak in public
  • Those who want to improve their public speaking ability

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