Programming language selection almanac : Practice Tests Only

Programming language selection almanac : Practice Tests Only

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What you'll learn:
  • Step-1 : Requirements
  • Step 2-3 : Toolchains & Release Cycle
  • Step 4-5: Community Support & Backward Compatability
  • Step 6-7: Type System & Unit Testing
  • Step 8-9: IDE & Performance
  • Step 10 Talent Pool & Conclusion

Before getting started, answering “Why do you need to learn a programming language?” is crucial. There is no correct answer. But a specific one. Based on your , you need to decide the value of the venture.

Programming languages are often considered trivial given their ease of availability. Also, since most programmers are used to choosing , they take programming language for granted.

This course takes a deep dive into this language . The set of questions is finite, and the architect must discover the permutation-based on the use cases.

For example, a student handed an assignment in Java has no reason to ask any language selection question. A researcher using a framework like Spark has no reason to select a new language than Scala. But if the research project has data processing and ML backends in python, then the researchers must decide if pySpark is needed. A software engineer working in an services company on a maintenance project doesn't have the luxury of choosing a new language since the product code is already in production. On the other hand, a principal engineer in a product company has all the right reasons to pick a new language for a new service that would be doing something completely different compared to the existing codebase.

Hence language selection is circumstantial. Therefore, the tests focus on a generic decision framework to help you select the suitable language.

Are you an aspiring polyglot? If yes, let's get started!

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Who this course is for:
  • C++, Java, Python,Scala, Rust, Golang programmers curious to learn a new language for upskilling
  • Software developers making decision about stack in their projects.
  • Beginner programmers curious about language selection for projects.
  • Job aspirants learning new language only in hope of getting a job.
  • Students from all streams curious to know about how language selection needs to be done.

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