Practical PowerPoint Advance Animations Guide | Deep Dive

Practical PowerPoint Advance Animations Guide | Deep Dive

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What you’ll learn:
  • Core Conceptual Secrets to Unlock Real Power of Microsoft Power Point
  • Discovering the Hidden Transform* in Microsoft Power Point Animation Engine to Boost Animation Design Process to the Next Level
  • Discovering the Hidden Transform* in Microsoft Power Point Morph Transition base Animations
  • Everyone know Trigger base Animations but we will Learn How to Create THE HIDDEN TRIGGERS*
  • Tick Tack Toe Complete Game with Hidden Triggers
  • How to create Triggers to Triggers or Nested Triggers*
  • Nested Triggers Practical Usages
  • Illustrations Design with Merge Shape Operations
  • Grouping vs Union Approaches in illustration design, Differences and their Pros & Cons
  • Advance Rotations with Motion Paths
  • Scaling Secret Tricks & Techniques
  • 3D Animations in Depth
  • How Content Creators take Advantage from Power Point for their YouTube Channel Content
  • How Engineers, Doctors, Startup founders, Sales people, Build POWERFUL Animations to attract their Audience
  • How to mix-up 2D & 3D Animations [ Hybrid Animations ]
  • Slide Zooming
  • SpaceX Falcon Heavy – from illustration to animations
  • Slide design techniques for Medical Doctors
  • Motion Graphics for Programmers, Freelancers & Coding Instructors
  • Dramatic & Suspense base scenes creation in PowerPoint with Adobe Premier Pro
  • Simulator Design
  • Simple and Elegant Intros & Outers
  • Hollywood inspired Visuals | Radar System
  • Futuristic Had Effects

Let’s get straight into the Real Essence and Aim of creating this Boot Camp.

The AIM is to change the Perception, perception, that, PowerPoint is just a presentation design tool. Right after the completion of the first 5 to 6 brutal Projects,  your thinking and imagination will be on some another level ( regarding the value & opportunities this tool will create for you ) and I hope the very first project [ Anti-Aircraft Radar System ] is only enough for changing the perception completely.

We are going to forcefully OVERCLOCK the Microsoft PowerPoint, to get the most out of it to achieve something extraordinary Beyond Presentations designs, and that’s where the NEW BEGINNING of Powerpoint would kick off.

Ideas are very rare and unique. Sometimes they are very simple, and most of the time they are really complicated to imagine. Whatever the case is, You need such a PowerfulFastLightweight tool ( with a smooth learning curve ), that is just all in one, all-time be your Right hand, to ILLUSTRATE and ANIMATE your Crazy ideas in a matter of few seconds and minutes, and this Boot Camp is all about Proving How PowrPoint could be your evergreen Right Hand, whether you are an EntrepreneurBusiness MenScience TeacherProgrammerFreelancer, running a Startup, Consultant or a Content Creator like a YoutuberStory TellerTravel Vlogger, etc, you need Graphics, you need Animations to convey your message ( in a proper way ) to your target audience.

So what’s a good better and easiest way to illustrate and animate without investing extra Time & Money on other complicated Graphic & Animation Design tools like Adobe illustrator and Adobe After Effect.

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We will be hammering PowerPoint with more than 60 to 70+ animations per slide in this project ( 40+ animations all running together on one single click), and we will see what would happen to PowerPoint when we assign 1000+ animations to 1000+ graphic elements on one single Slide. At that time, even with very decent System Specs and with Powerful GPU, your system starts frustrating to run lightweight PowerPoint. The Aim of doing all of these Crazy things, is to simply learn how far we can go, and where things start becoming difficult to handle so that we could find the solution or go ahead with some alternative if that particular problem has no solution at all.

Sometimes when you start bombarding a lot of animations even with having good system specs and graphic cards you will experience huge lags while running animations, so how to deal with the performance issues, we will see that too.

2. Hidden Triggers [ Secret Trick ] :

ln this section, we will explore the mysterious world of  “HIDDEN TRIGGERS”. We will do two projects in this section to solidify our learnings and we will see the Practical usages where we can use Hidden Triggers in our content.

The very first project is all about “Booting Windows 11”.  We will create the fake illusion of booting Windows 11 inside from the computer (3D Model) with the help of hidden triggers base animations. We will learn how to create a chain of triggers ( Triggers to Triggers ) and how to handle them.

The second project is the TICK-TACK TOE game. We will create this game from scratch with the help of hidden triggers. In this specific project, the real Challenge is the placement of hidden triggers when they are more than 20 to 30 in number and you have to place them all on one single slide.

The booting Windows 11 project primarily focuses on learning how to use Hidden Triggers in Powerpoint practically, while the other way around Tick Tack Toe game project focuses on the placement of Hidden Triggers when they are in huge numbers.

3. Skydiving From International Space Station:

In this project, we will let the Astronaut do the Skydive from International Space Station. The primary intent of this project is to Level up the game of Rotation and Scaling in Powerpoint. You will be a Magician of PowrePoint right after the completion of this section. It’s all about having a strong grip on how you rotate and scale up or scale down graphic elements along with rotation, and this section focuses on that specific part.

We will create 3 Scenes from 3 different Camera positions, 1 view inside from the hatch of the ISS, the second view from the top, and the third one from the left. All the animations would be set up on Triggers.

4. Snooker Game:

This Indoor Snooker game project will enhance your illustration and animation skills a little bit more before we are heading toward the next Big Project.

5. SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket:

After completing the first 4 sections, you will have a very decent & Pro level of skills in animating in Powerpoint. So now here in this section, we will shift our focus more toward on illustration part in PowerPoint. We will first illustrate the full Falcon Heavy Rocket with its Side Booster and all of its Stages, and then later with the help of our Previous Animation skills, we would start animating it from Launch to Re-entry Burn. We will use both PowerPoint built-in animations as well as Morph base Transition animations, and in this Complex Project, you will get a clear picture of when and where we have to use Morph base animations and where we should have to use the Built-in 4 types of ( entrance, emphasis, exit & motion paths )  animations. 

Right after the completion of the first 5 sections, You will have full clarity regarding illustration and animation design. The primary Aim was to learn PowerPoint at a very deeper level with keen interest by doing exciting and complex projects and looking at Microsoft PowerPoint from a very different angle beyond just as a Presentation design tool.

Who this course is for:
  • For Students, Teachers, Instructors, Corporate Trainers, Sales People, Technologist, Entrepreneurs, Artists or anyone who want create real impact through their vision.
  • Programmers, Engineers, Medical Doctors
  • Content Creators
  • Freelancers who want to win long term clients
  • Leaders who want to lead from the front

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