Planning Quality Management (PMI – PMP)

Planning Quality Management (PMI - PMP)

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What you’ll learn

  • Recognize aspects of managing project quality
  • Match quality management concepts with examples
  • Recognize the relationship between the three Project Quality Management processes
  • Identify inputs of the Plan Quality Management process
  • Recognize the tools and techniques you can use to plan project quality management
  • Categorize examples of costs of quality
  • Describe how to perform a cost-benefit analysis
  • Identify the outputs of the Plan Quality Management process
  • Identify elements to include in a quality management plan
  • Demonstrate your understanding of the Plan Quality Management process

The Planning Quality Management (PMI – PMP) is course 14 of 28 of the Project Management Professional Certification Program (PMI-PMP).
In today’s competitive world, customer satisfaction is paramount. It’s so important that meeting customer expectations is how we define quality. So the quality of a product isn’t about being 100% defect free or whether you think it’s perfect.
It’s about whether the customer will be happy with it as it is. In this course, you’ll learn about the project quality management knowledge area and the plan quality management process.

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Quality Management Overview
2. Quality, Grade, Precision, and Accuracy
3. The Project Quality Management Processes
4. Inputs of Plan Quality Management
5. Plan Quality Management Tools and Techniques
6. Cost of Quality
7. Cost-Benefit Analysis
8. Outputs of Plan Quality Management
9. The Quality Management Plan
10. Exercise: Planning Quality Management
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Who this course is for:
  • Leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, professionals and project workers with or without formal project management training will improve project management skills and knowledge and will be ready to stand for formal certification.
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