Past Life Regression Experiential Course

Past Life Regression Experiential Course

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What you’ll learn:
  • By the End of the course students will be experiencing one of their past lives
  • Students will experience past life progression, present life regression through powerful meditation
  • Students will know Talents & Abilities From One Of The Past Life
  • During the course students will experience Parallel Life To Your Present Life

Past Life Regression Experiential Course – 21 Days Course.

This Course is divided into 21 Days in order to practice the course in a proper manner and get benefit from the course.

Have you ever lived before?

If so, Where? And When? Who were YOU? Man or Woman? Mr. Pradeep Aggarwal has guided thousands into vivid memories of their past lives and thereby gain and understanding of their present lives.

Did u know that our souls are reborn many times in different bodies and our past lives are related/connected to our present life? Past life regression therapy is all about going back to our past to heal our present. It gives an insight, awareness and deeper understanding of our own personality and nature.

Why past Life Regression :

As eternal souls we carry forward experiences, learnings, fantasies and fears from one life to another. Many a times despite attempts to change there are traumas and fears in our lives which are not related to or explained by any present life experience like fear of heights, fear of water, getting into a relationship, fear of some disease or pain etc. Past life regression therapy helps us to go back to the cause find the root source of the problem and clear the patterns that are affecting us to be happy or limiting our success in our present life. How does Past Life Regression therapy help:-Regression Therapy helps us to recall the memories in the past and find the root cause that helps to unfreeze blocked emotional and mental energy from the past life. Heal past life traumas and replace them with inner strength and move forward to attain our goals. PLR also helps to heal chronic diseases, phobias, obesity etc. Clear the barriers that afflict our current lives and heal them to enrich our current lives. This therapy can bring a significant transformation in our lives. .Here’s what you will learn and experience in this workshop :-A Regression Therapy To Explore the past life Past Life effecting the current Life Explore the memories whose roots are in past lives Unblock emotional and mental energy from the past life Heal past life traumas and replace them with inner strength and success. Back To The Cause �In this exercise you would find out the cause of the problem in your current life and heal it. Clear the patterns that afflict your current life and heal them to enrich your current life..

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What You Will Learn:

DAY 1: Introduction To The Course & Going Into Alpha State

DAY 2: 1st Preparation Exercise For Past Last Regression

DAY 3: 2nd & 3rd Preparation Exercises

DAY 4: Door Opening Regression Exercise

DAY 5: Troubleshooting Of Exercises

DAY 6: Creating Guides And Masters

DAY 7: Back To The Cause Regression

DAY 8: Life Effecting Your Current Life

DAY 9: Past Life Involvement With Your Soulmate/Lover

DAY 10: Pre Birth Planning

DAY 11: Talents & Abilities From Past Life

DAY 12: Life Between Lives

DAY 13: Present Life Progression

DAY 14: Future Life Progression

DAY 15: Chakra Balancing & Energizing

DAY 16: Self Exploration Healing

DAY 17: Healing – Hand Warming Technique

DAY 18: Parallel Life To Your Present Life

DAY 19: Fears From The Past Life

DAY 20: Unconditional Love

DAY 21: Summary To The Course

Who this course is for:
  • This Course will help students to Experience One Of The Past Life

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