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What you’ll learn

  • *** By the end of this course you will have mastered how to use the Page Object Model pattern to write a MAINTAINABLE test automation suite
  • *** You will create a REAL Selenium WebDriver automation project to learn exactly how it works
  • ** Code along using Java, C#, Python or whatever language you want
  • ** Start by creating a simple Page Object Model to understand the core principles
  • Progress to ADVANCED techniques such as Fluid Syntax and Business Methods to super-charge your Page Object Model skills
  • Learn exactly what Page Object Model is, and why we use it
  • Discover why Page Object Model is a perfect fit for agile software development
  • Make your test scripts bullet-proof from the start

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After covering WHY we use the Page Object Model pattern, together we’ll create a basic Page Object Model to understand the core coding concepts and techniques needed, before super-charging your automation skills by learning a host of advanced techniques and tips & tricks that will truly take your Selenium WebDriver coding to the next level.

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Who this course is for:

  • Test Automation Engineers
  • Manual Testers
  • Test Managers
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