Overcoming Burnout

Overcoming Burnout

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What you’ll learn:

This course would provide steps to overcome and prevent burnout. Students would also learn to recognize burnout in themselves and


Physical and Mental burnout are on the rise. The cause of this is not far-fetched as our every day living and circumstances seem to be responsible for this. This is especially so given the current times in which we live in.  As chronic cases rise among all age groups and across the world, it is important to sound the alarm even louder and help people find solutions and practical help. This short course “Overcoming Burnout – Enjoy Your Life” which is for all who make or want to make self-care and sound mental health a priority provides tips on what to look out for as well as how to prevent and overcome burnout.

During the course, participants would learn what it means when they suffer from burnout and how to recognize burnout in themselves and others. They will learn the consequences of burnout,  receive tips for basic self-care, strategies to overcome burnout and strategies to help others overcome burnout. Learners would also have an opportunity to assess themselves or others, the results of which would help point them in the dire13165-2ction of appropriate help.

This Mental Health and Well-being course by Bliss @ Work is divided into 4 sections and consists of 7 short videos totaling 39 minutes which are easy to follow and understand. In addition, we provide downloadable material for participants who may wish to share some of the content with their friends and colleagues. Small groups have had good success shar13165-2ing this information which has helped their teams function at their peak.

Who this course is for:
  • Professionals and others experiencing burnout

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