NUMBERS is EXCEL for ipad and iphone - Complete course

NUMBERS is EXCEL for ipad and iphone – Complete course

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What you’ll learn:

What you’ll learn

  • With Numbers you can create amazing spreadsheets with incredible tables and images.
  • Spreadsheets can be exported and imported into EXCEL.
  • You will master the functions of EXCEL and NUMBERS most used in companies or for your business
  • We are going to use the most powerful tools of NUMBERS to analyze data.
  • You will learn to use mathematical formulas, financial statistics and in general a large number of functions that NUMBERS brings
  • You can export and import spreadsheets to and from EXCEL
  • print spreadsheets
  • Design impressive and powerful spreadsheets
  • Make a payroll, a budget, an invoice, order registration, inventory management and in general any number treatment
  • Working in EXCEL and NUMBERS is almost the same, with one difference, NUMBERS more intuitive, easier and with more graphic

With Numbers you can create amazing spreadsheets with incredible tables and images. You can even use Apple Pencil on iPad to add diagrams and colorful images. And real-time collaboration capabilities let you and your team work together using a Mac, iPad, iPhone, or even a PC.

In this course, you will discover how easy, intuitive and powerful Numbers is, spreadsheets stop being heavy and boring, you can share them in different formats or even print them.

Numbers together with Pages and Keynote are the perfect apps to work on your projects in your office, at home or in your studies, where you will have everything you need: powerful spreadsheets, an unparalleled text editor and an editor to do the best presentations, all with excellent and wonderful multimedia resources and real-time collaboration.
MOST IMPORTANTLY , the iWork suite is free for owners of an Apple device or for anyone who accesses Icoud through a browser.

In this Numbers course, you will become an expert in the preparation of impressive spreadsheets and you will be able to build tables of quotes, invoicing, payroll or budgets.

We are also going to prepare and monitor the registration of orders, invoices, payroll and how to make a format to calculate free investment credits, all with NUMBERS.

Who this course is for:
  • Everyone who needs to make a spreadsheet, students, teachers, intrusions, professionals or employees
  • Employees, independent workers, students or entrepreneurs

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