Number One Challenge For Entrepreneurs

Number One Challenge For Entrepreneurs

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What you’ll learn

  • Number One Challenge For Entrepreneurs
  • Understanding Human Complexity
  • Exploring Values and Beliefs
  • Developing The Inquisitive Mind
  • Essential Approach To Progress
  • Building An Empowering Environment
  • Power of Words
  • The Truth

Would you like to know the number one reason entrepreneurs fail?
Join Todd Hutchison (the corporate mechanic and founder of Peoplistic), Mike Handcock (founder of Rock Your Life) and me,  Dave Rogers, on a journey of discovery where you will get to know the answer to a pretty amazing secret.
This is a journey where you will be informed and enlightened.
You will save time and a considerable amount of money, as we explore Human Complexity, Values and Beliefs, Quality Question, Power of Clarity,  Environment, Power of Words and finally the Truth behind Who are you, but, before we start, I wonder if people have already noticed how different the three of us are. We don’t only look different, we act differently, we dress differently, we see the world differently and we see business very differently, but we are all successful.
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At the end of this short online program you will have a number of key learnings, distinctions, and insights into our primary question – what is the number one reason why entrepreneurs fail?”
Buckle Up and See You On The Other Side,
ps..I kindly invite you, as you move forward with this course, to write notes, answer the questions in each of the chapters and to apply the lessons learned in your professional and personal life. We welcome questions and if you are inspired to share some positive feedback, it is much welcome. We are a community of like minded social entrepreneurs and I look forward to hearing about your exciting and inspiring  initiatives.
Who this course is for:
  • Aspiring, Experienced or Developing Entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurs Looking To Scale Their Business
  • Business Leaders Looking To Build High Performance Teams
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