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Not-for-Profit Accounting-Charities, Colleges, & Health Care

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What you’ll :
  • The definition of a not for profit
  • The difference between a governmental not for profit and nongovernmental not for profit. Our primary focus is on nongovernmental not for profits. However we will discuss for governmental health care and colleges
  • How to set up a not for profit organization
  • Regulations, taxation, and issues related to not for profit
  • Learn how to record accounting transactions related to not for profit organizations with example problems and step by step demonstrations that include a trial balance
  • Accounting for colleges and universities, both governmental and nongovernmental. We will also discuss for profit colleges
  • Learn accounting related to health care organizations, both governmental and nongovernmental not for profit

Not for Profit Accounting-Charities, Colleges, & Health Care will cover accounting related to not for profit organizations.

Our concentration will be on nongovernmental not-for-profit organizations. However, we will discuss the differences between nongovernmental not for profit organization and governmental not-for-profit organizations. We will also discuss for both governmental and nongovernmental organizations related to health care and colleges.

The course will start by introducing what a not for profit organization is. We will discuss regulation, taxation, and performance issues related to the not for profit organization. As we discuss accounting for not for profit organization, we will make comparisons to for profit organizations, concentrating most of our time on the areas where accounting concepts differ between the two.

Next, we will get into the details of accounting for not for profit organizations, discussing generally accepted accounting principles and the recording of transactions.

We will then take a look at example problems, recoding transactions related to a not for profit organization. We will work through example problems in a format. We will then provide Excel worksheets and step by step instructional videos for learners to apply what they have learned. The Excel worksheets will include two tabs, one with the completed answer, and a second with preformatted worksheets. Learners can enter data into the preformatted worksheets in a step by step process following instructional videos.

Next, we will discuss colleges and universities in detail. We compare and contrast governmental not-for-profit colleges and universities as well as nongovernmental not-for-profit colleges. We will also discuss for-profit colleges.

The course will present example problems in a presentation format and will then provide Excel worksheet and instructional videos so that learners can apply what they have learned.

Next, we will discuss health care organizations in detail. We will consider both governmental health care organizations and nongovernmental health care organizations. The course will present example problems and will then provide practice Excel worksheet and step by step instructional videos so learners can apply what they have learned.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone working or planning to work for a not for profit
  • Accounting students
  • CPA candidates

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