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Microsoft Excel A-Z: Beginner to Professional Analyst

Microsoft Excel A-Z: Beginner to Professional Analyst

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn and master Excel from complete beginner to analyst
  • Walk through 7 real-world business case studies
  • Cover all Excel essential features with Foundation Series
  • Build Excel models with advanced formulas
  • Analyze with Pivot Tables, Data Models and Power Pivot
  • Learn data lookups and preparation including Power Query
  • Impress with charts, data viz and dynamic reports
  • Intensive 6-week bootcamp on your own time
  • Analytics expertise from two top MBA graduates
  • Excel instruction from version 2010 to 202

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An executive and an entrepreneur joined up for this master course to ramp up a newbie into a professional analyst. Their methodology is proven from over a decade of training people with no background in Excel and getting them ready for analyst positions in various organizations. In addition to learning Excel from scratch, you will immediately apply it to 7 business case studies (another 6 in the works) in addition to over 200 course files for practice.

Symon and Travis began their way of training Excel while at top business schools such as Stanford and University of Chicago. No matter how smart or patient their classmates were, they couldn’t learn Excel fast enough by first memorizing all the technical features in Excel. People learn by immediately applying their skills beyond a practice exercise. By combining Excel feature learning with immediate application of business cases, students learned twice as fast and retained newfound expertise in Excel.

This course is based on their ongoing “bootcamps” to quickly ramp people up to perform analyst work in investment, product management, marketing, finance, operations, and business intelligence. Excel is the essential tool to learn in a business world inundated with data and analysis.  In this course, Symon and Travis will start from the very beginning in Excel.  Some students may choose to skip right to the intermediate sections.

Just take a look at our thousands of 5-star reviews from our other courses to see the value and commitment we give to our students.

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Regardless of role or industry, nearly everyone in business needs to have an ever growing baseline knowledge of Excel for business analysis.
Whether you’re working in sales, finance, marketing, operations, or investments, knowing your way around Excel and being able to turn complex questions into solutions is critical for success.
Whether you’re working for a company or running your own, being able to make better decisions requires you to be able to analyze and interpret data.
What data do you need? How do you prep that data? How do you analyze it to answer specific questions? How do you structure your analysis? How should you visualize your findings?
In this course, we’re going to show you step-by-step, exactly how to do that, by starting with the very basics.
Why Microsoft Excel?
This course is all about Excel and its application in the business world. Why?
Excel is still the most popular tool used by analysts in all industries, across all roles. It’s used by financial analysts, marketing analysts, sales analysts, and of course, data analysts.

Yes, there are many tools out there but if you learn and master the core concepts and techniques of analysis and modeling in Excel, you’ll be able to apply your knowledge to a broad range of applications.
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