Microsoft Excel: From Zero to Data Analyst in Power BI

Microsoft Excel: From Zero to Data Analyst in Power BI

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What you’ll learn:
  • Efficiently use Microsoft Excel objects, such as workbooks and worksheets.
  • You will apply the most used functions of Microsoft Excel.
  • You will use pivot tables, one of the most powerful tools in Microsoft Excel.
  • Being able to write macros and VBA code to work more efficiently.
  • You will enter the world of information analysis with Power Pivot and Power BI.

Become an expert in Business Intelligence with Microsoft Excel and Power BI!

If you are a student or professional who wants to enhance your professional career, I have good news for you:

You found the right course!

  • Do you feel that your professional career is stagnant ?
  • Does your profile not stand out from the others?
  • Do you feel that in school you did not learn anything useful for the world of work?
  • Do you think that Excel is the only tool for analyzing data and making graphs?
  • Do you already know Power BI but want to take it to the next level ?

Not having the right skills for this new technological age is the root of all these evils.

Today the world is full of data and it is essential to know how to analyze and present it to extract value from it. This is a skill that employers value more and more every day.

If you apply Microsoft Excel + Power BI to generate high-impact proposals, you will be an invaluable person for any company .

I know that I know how difficult it is to grow professionally . I also know how frustrating it is to see everyone move up except you.

Fortunately, this will teach you Microsoft Excel from scratch and you will end up generating powerful dashboards in an easy way and will give you the ability to stand out from the rest .

89% of the students in the course have also improved their employment situation.

Sign up now and develop that skill you need!

I guarantee that this course is all you need to become a Power BI professional . These are the steps to success:

1. Take all the lessons of the course.

2. Perform the exercises.

3. You will be ready to apply the advanced features of Power BI in any real life case.

Frequent questions:

1. Do I need specialized or paid software to be able to take the course?

A: No. You only need to install the Power BI package in its free version.

3. Do I need any prior knowledge to take the course?

A: No. We will guide you from scratch.

4. What will I be able to do after the course?

A: Analyze large volumes of data and apply advanced Microsoft Excel and Power BI features to generate high-value proposals and present them in visually appealing charts.

Stop losing job opportunities for not having more skills.

Add the skills that will make you shine by learning to generate high-value proposals for the business world.

As soon as the job market recognizes that you are an expert in Microsoft Excel and Power BI, your professional career will start to take off .

It sounds like a “magic trick” but the reality is that you will have a skill that is highly demanded by companies.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who needs to learn and / or master Microsoft Excel either in an educational or professional way.
  • Professionals who need to improve their productivity in the office.
  • Professionals who need to work with a large amount of data.

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