Mastering PowerShell

Mastering PowerShell from Beginner to Advanced Level

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What you’ll learn:
  • Components that we need to create efficient PowerShell Scripts
  • All 200+ slides available as downloadable PDF
  • Automating task using PowerShell Scripts
  • How to use basic building blocks to create Awesome Scripts
  • Awesome Tips to learn Scripting in easy and the quickest way
  • Reason Behind Popularity of PowerShell
  • Why its Popularity booming day by day
  • How to make Scripts dynamic & smart by use of Variables
  • Creating Complex condition using different Operators
  • Dealing with Collection using Arrays & Hashtables
  • Effective Selection of Loops to iterate script block
  • Awesome PowerShell automation skills to impress your colleagues and IT management
  • Reusing code to save efforts using Advanced Functions

If you want to  Master PowerShell Scripting and use the power of automation, then this course is for you.

Now a days every Leading Platform using PowerShell as its Management Tool, whether it is Microsoft Products, VMware, Citrix, cloud Providers like Azure, AWS, or Google etc.

Now either we need to learn each Platform’s own command line Tool to manage them or we can Learn a Single Powerful Tool that is “PowerShell” to manage them All.

Means PowerShell is a Skill, that perfectly fit into framework of “Learn Once, Apply everywhere, throughout your career”


In this Course we start from scratch, So absolute Beginners are also most welcome !!



In this course, you get a detailed learning about PowerShell that includes (but not limited to) –

✔ PowerShell Overview, Evolution & Background

  • What is PowerShell & Why Its Popularity growing day by day
  • Brief About Version History & Difference Between Windows PowerShell & Core
  • Installation of PowerShell Core
  • Know PowerShell ISE (Integrated Scripting Environment)
  • How to Install & Use Visual Studio (VS) Code
  • Why it is very critical to master PowerShell Help Center to master PowerShell, different commands & parameters and how to master Help Center

✔ PowerShell Variables Deep Dive

  • What are PowerShell Variables, their Characteristics & best practice to use them in the Best way.
  • Data Types, why sometimes necessary to declare data types explicitly
  • Different types of Variable Scopes & way to override default behaviors to make awesome scripts
  • Set of Commands that can be used to handle Variables
  • Use cases to understand Variable uses in real world scripting

✔ Working With Custom Input & Output

  • Interactive Input, Uses, benefits & Best practices
  • Know the commands used for accepting Custom Input or Output like Read-Host, Write-Host etc.
  • Ways of writing other output like error, debug, Warning, Verbose etc.

✔ PowerShell Operators in Depth

  • Understanding PowerShell Operators & their characteristics
  • A detailed discussion about Arithmetic Operators ,Assignment Operator, Equality Operators, Matching Operators, Containment Operators, replacement Operators, Type Operators, Logical Operators, redirection Operators, Split Operator, Join Operator, Unary Operator, Grouping Operator, Subexpression Operator, Call Operator, Cast Operator, Comma Operator Range Operator & Member Access Operator
  • Creating complex Conditions & evaluation criteria using different type of Operators

✔ Working With PowerShell Pipelines

  • What are PowerShell Pipelines & their Characteristics
  • What are the right places for using PowerShell Pipelines
  • Using pipeline in typical conditional like with commands that does not generate output on console by default
  • Understanding inside working of Pipelines to make troubleshooting easy

PowerShell Functions Deep Dive

  • PowerShell Functions, benefits, Scope, Best Practices & Syntax
  • What exactly Advanced functions are & how they differ from Simple functions & the best benefits of using them
  • Creating parameters & defining their different attributes like if parameter is mandatory, does it accept Pipelined Input, Should it accept single value or multiple values, Is it positional or not etc.
  • Writing Comment based help for a function to make it user friendly
  • Maintaining Compliance & Uniformity by using validated set of Possible Values.

✔ Exploring Regular Expressions (Regex)

  • Regex quick start & resources
  • Finding ways regex patterns with Commands like Select-String
  • Using regex with Operators like Match, replace, Split
  • Regex with conditional statements like SWITCH
  • Using regex for Validating a parameter value pattern
Who this course is for:
  • Techies who want to learn PowerShell
  • Techies who want to Learn a common Tool to Manage Most of the Leading Platforms like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Citrix, VMware etc.
  • IT People who want to automate repetitive task and make their life easy

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