Master the Excel program from the beginning to the professionalism MS Excel 2021

Master the Excel program from the beginning to the professionalism MS Excel 2021

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What you’ll learn:
  • Mastering the Excel program from scratch to mastery in detail, explanation and examples
  • Microsoft MS Excel 2019
  • Microsoft MS Office 365
  • Practical projects
  • The course is constantly renewed

Master the Excel program from the beginning to the professionalism MS Excel 2021

1- Create graphs

Excel plays a very important role in graphs as it has the ability to produce a variety of different graphs, which may be used by departments in various organizations to represent statistical data in a graphic way. Because the calculations can be done with formulas and countries, it’s always easy to save time creating charts. Excel is more cost effective unlike other charting software.

2- Organizing the data

Data is raw and unprocessed information and needs to be stored in an organized manner, to achieve this effectively we need to use Microsoft Excel. Excel gives users the ability to set up tables, where they can organize their data while also being able to update it. The benefits of organizing data with excel are felt by administrators who always have a lot of data that needs to be updated regularly, and Excel tables help administrators monitor the progress of individual and combined stats such as report trends, product complexities, and pricing.

3- Programming

When it comes to programming, you discover that MS Excel supports almost all applications of the programming language used to create macros. This makes it easier to solve complex tasks and thus increases efficiency in programming.

Finally, knowledge of Microsoft Excel is vital in most modern organizations for its superior efficiency as many organizations want to keep regular and up-to-date records of their products, programs, and activities, and thus, individuals who are adept at creating Excel macros are considered an asset to the company.

4- Task scheduling

Assigning work tasks to team members is one of the most important functions of managers. Managers must carry out this task effectively so that project deadlines are met and the project is successfully delivered to the client. That’s why managers take advantage of the scheduling feature available in MS Excel spreadsheet software. These schedules can be color coded and are designed in such a way that they are automatically updated if there is a change in the schedule of tasks and activities.

5- Organizing customer data

Small businesses use MS Excel spreadsheets to store contact information about their customers. This data serves as a database for customers and the organization can make use of this information to contact its customers. The advantage of storing this information in an MS Excel sheet is that even though worksheets are updated or new fields are added to the sheet, it does not affect or change the content in other spreadsheet cells.

6- Basic financial accounting

Small and medium-sized enterprises use the spreadsheet program MS Excel to carry out their accounting activities. They can create a basic accounting software or ledger that allows them to keep track of the financial transactions of the organization. To make it more efficient, accountants can enter their deposits and expenses in each row in this way and the software gives them flexibility to create charts and graphs over time to compare business income and expenses.

7- Product sales tracking

MS Excel spreadsheet software allows small business owners to keep track of the sales of their entire product and design plans that effectively boost their sales in the market. By keeping a full track of the product business owners get a clear idea of ​​the progress of the business during the given time period and it also helps them to identify high and low sales trends to predict future values.

8. Performance Reports

Performance monitoring and reporting is a specialized type of business analysis that can be performed effectively using MS Excel. A popular way to turn data into a performance report in Excel is to create a pivot table. By inserting a pivot table and linking it to the data, you can quickly get additional useful information from the data set

Who this course is for:
  • All students in different stages
  • All employees are accountants, engineers, pharmacists, and so on
  • madrids
  • business owners
  • In banks, universities and companies
  • Every human wants an extra brain for calculations!

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